Hello world! Again.

You have landed on my latest attempt at blogging on this domain. I’ve owned the domain name newmediaMike since 2006. The name came from the time I was managing the new media department in a video post production company. We duplicated CDs, DVDs and BluRays. One day I answered the phone as I always did, “New Media, Mike speaking”. The client on the other end said, “Hi newmediaMike, I’d like to duplicate a CD”. I thought the name sounded awesome and as it was at the start of social media, like Twitter it would make a great handle. And so I became “newmediaMike”. This domain has undergone many transformations over the last 17 years. Originally, newmediaMike was my blog about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It was my SEO sandbox and playground to experiment with various keywords. I was getting some decent traffic to my SEO related blogs and various other topics. At various times I ranked number one for “search marketing expert” on Google. Which was fantastic bragging rights with clients! I definitely impressed one client (and myself) when I found my post at number one in Texas for “search marketing expert”.

Then life got busy, as did my SEO career and I didn’t need to promote myself and the blog fell out of favour. Then it got hacked, so I took it down. That was two years ago.

The name recently came up for renewal and, well, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to domain names. I really don’t like giving them up and since I’ve had this one for so long I just couldn’t let it go. But what to do with it? This iteration of newmediaMike is going to be a mix of written blogs, vlogs and podcasts. Or as we used to call them back in the day, newMedia. So what will newmediaMike be about this go round? Mostly I’ll write or talk about my personal recovery from alcohol and CSA. And I can’t discuss that without talking about my spiritual journey, where it has taken me so far, where I’m at today and what the path looks like moving forward.

Essentially newmediaMike is going to be an extension of my Twitt er X presence. An old tagline for this blog was, “Sometimes 140 Characters Aren’t Enough”. This blog will serve to fulfill that brief mission statement. I don’t know the frequency or what media I’ll use, but since I have a lot to say on the multiple topics of alcohol recovery through AA, recovering from CSA and it’s effects and the incredible spiritual journey I have been on since 1986 and this will double as a way to preserve my story, it’s likely to be frequent!

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