My name is Mike Allan but please, call me  “new media Mike”.

I wear many hats … Dad, Search Marketing Strategist with SapientNitro in Toronto*, some guy on Twitter who is always posting stuff about SEO … I like to write about search marketing, being a mobile/social media savvy single dad in this day and age and sometimes I rant about Toronto and random issues. I consider this blog my hat rack.

I have been in and around the new media industry since 1994 when I joined  Multimedia Trade Shows  Inc. as a sales consultant.  It was while I was with the show that my new media geek was born. From Multimedia ’95 to newMedia ’99 I was at the birth of many of today’s new media technologies.  I have been involved in the creation and promotion of content on the Internet since 1995. I have witnessed first hand the phenomenal growth of the Internet in the trenches promoting the new technologies.

In ’99 I began my writing career with Visual Convergence, Canada’s magazine for the video and multimedia (as new media was called back then) production industry eventually becoming the Webmaster, Editor and later Associate Publisher.

When Visual Convergence folded in 2006 I started blogging about new media as digitalmedia Toronto. As time went on my blogging voice changed and my blog posts began to take on a more personal tone. It was around this time I found my online brand – newmediaMike.   The name came from how I answered the phone when I was working for Creative Post as a new media Account Manager. “new media, Mike speaking”. A customer called me new media Mike and the rest as they say is, history.

Today I am a Search Marketing Strategist with SapientNitro* in Toronto. This blog reflects my knowledge of search marketing (SEO) and my posts are heavy in search marketing topics geared to small business.  This blog allows me to keep all my search marketing skills sharp as not all of them get used in Enterprise Level SEO from an agency. My blog is always evolving. As I am developing a reputation as a search marketing expert, my blog posts have evolved to subtly and continually prove my search marketing theories.

*Mandatory disclaimer that the opinions stated on this blog are my own and not those of my employer Sapient, SapientNitro or any clients we are engaged with.