Off Duty on Mondays

Off Duty on Mondays

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As some of you know I refer to my nightly driving of my daughters to their various extra curricular activities as “Daddy Taxi Duty” .

Well, tonight was the last Monday of Daddy Taxi Duty. For the last eight years every Monday I have driven one of my daughters to Beaches Presbyterian Church for Brownies (Megan), Guides (Emily as both a Guide and a Jr. Leader) or a dance class at For the Love of It Dance (Megan). But sadly, tonight was the last Monday night for taxi duty to Beaches Presbyterian. (Which I still can’t believe is an anagram for Britney Spears).

Emily will be going off to University in the fall so tonight was her last night as a Guide leader.  For Emily this is the end of the road of a long and industrious volunteer career in Guiding. The funny thing is I can still remember Emily’s reaction to coming home from her first Sparks meeting. She thought her mother and I were crazy if we thought she was going to go back.

“They sing songs around a Toadstool!” So, she didn’t go back to Sparks or Brownies. But when Guides came around she went and stuck with it, even going so far as to return as a Jr. Leader for the last three years.  As always, I am so proud of Emily and what she has done.

As for Megan, my not so tiny dancer, when I saw how graceful she was in her ballet recital (at the same Church) last night I had a lump in my throat. Where Emily has found her expression through video, Megan’s artistic energies are funneled into dance and she dances wonderfully. She is planning on returning to ballet next year, hopefully not on Mondays though.

So with my Monday night’s free, now what am I going to do? When is the next Tweetgasm?


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