New Years Resolutions

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I rarely, if ever make any new years resolutions. I figure if I don’t make any then I can’t feel bad about breaking them.

But this year I have three resolutions I want to share.

#1 I am going to be more social through my blog and Twitter in 2011. I will Interact, Communicate and Engage more with my friends and followers. I will meet more of my Twitter friends at Twitter meetups, like the SEO Tweetup @aknecht and @devbasu and I are trying to organize.

#2. Put my online marketing talents to use to market some of the many online properties my business partner and I own and make additional revenue from these sites. Since none of the sites have yet to turn a penny in profit any revenue would be better than what we are currently getting.

In conjunction with one of these sites I will be looking for several video bloggers who want to earn revenue for their sites. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks on my Good Neighbours TV project.

#3. Create my own information product this year. I am working on a social media workshop and a WordPress workshop we will be conducting at LocusQuo in February. I also have material for a DIY SEO Webinar series. The DIY series also ties into resolution #2, if I get that one of the ground I can accomplish two tasks in one.

Three simple resolutions now shared on the interwebs, so maybe I might have to stick with them.

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