CSA Survivor

I’m a Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivor. I work with other CSA Survivors as a Peer Facilitator with The Gatehouse in Toronto, Ontario. 

Recovered Alcoholic

I took my last drink of alcohol thanks to the program and Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous on August 17, 1986.

Spiritual Wanderer

Born Roman Catholic, turned atheist after losing my parents as a teen, found God through AA and have been on a spiritual journey ever since. 

Search Consultant

I vowed when I “retired” to take my online marketing skills, which made Fortune 500 corporations millions of dollars in revenue and help the little guy with his online marketing. And that’s what I’m doing with my business, Mike Allan SEO Coach. 

Father and Grandfather

The apples of my eyes are my two beautiful daughters. I’m proud to say they have never seen their father take a drink or get drunk.

Then there’s my grandson! He’s growing up fast and I’m loving every second of it. 

Pet Owner

It started with rescuing a retired racing greyhound, then when she passed we rescued another. After my divorce, I rescued a cat. Then Tucker came along, and we rescued another cat. 

I like to write

Looking for Charlie Allan

Charlie Allan, where are you? My brother’s name is Charles Bell Allan or Charlie. I’m trying to find him as I recently have been in touch with his kids, whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years.  Charlie Allan’s Details We both grew up in Rexdale, Ontario. Charlie attended St. Dorothy’s

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MOvember 23

Raising Awareness, not Money It’s been a couple of years since I last took on the Movember challenge. Back in the days at SapientNitro, we had an incredible team that passionately supported this cause every November. However, after the acquisition by Publicis and the whole MadMen rebranding phase, that team

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Embracing Transformation: Leaving My Past Behind

In my life’s journey, I have sometimes found myself at a crossroads, facing the choice of who I once was and aspired to become. In these pivotal moments, I realized I had the power to undergo a remarkable transformation. A profound quote has always resonated with me deeply: “The man

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Hello world! Again.

You have landed on my latest attempt at blogging on this domain. I’ve owned the domain name newmediaMike since 2006. The name came from the time I was managing the new media department in a video post production company. We duplicated CDs, DVDs and BluRays. One day I answered the

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