My Dogs

Updated June 6, 2014

For the last 22 years I have been a dog-owner.  Recently though I made some life changes and I had to give up my dogs, Keegan a Fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Grace a Rescued Retired Racing Greyhound.

Keegan now lives with my ex-wife and two daughters. Keegan is adapting to living with his family again, after living with me as a bachelor for the last 2 years. Grace crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on April 30. She will be missed by all.

My Dogs

Fluffy Pembroke Welsh CorgiKeegan was my 11 year old Corgi. We had another Corgi before Keegan who we lost to cancer in 2003. We love this particular breed of dog. He is a great watchdog, always barking at the door, even if it’s me coming in!

From the moment Keegan walked in the door Liz (my ex) acclimatized him to having kids poking, prodding and putting their hands in his mouth and food. She did this so he wouldn’t bite any of the kids she did day care for. It worked tremendously! You can do anything to this dog and he will take it without thinking about retaliating or biting you. She did a great job of training him. I on the other hand spoil the wee bugger and am probably responsible for his being overweight.

rescued retired racing greyhoundGrace was our 11 year old Rescued Retired Racing Greyhound.  Her original name was VS Megan. She was also our second Greyhound; we lost our first one to cancer in 2006 just before I started working at Creative Post.

We adopted Grace in April of 2006 through GRA Canada in Tillsonburg, the same place where we got our first Grey, Georgia. Yes, we did notice our Greyhound’s names have both started with a “G” – total coincidence, as is the fact Keegan and Grace have practically the same colouring.

Grace was a shy girl for a few years, then she blossomed into quite the character. When she came out of her shell she emerged a bit of a goofy Grey.  She loves to be chased around the house. Yes we chase our Greyhound around our average sized Beach duplex!

I made the video below of the day when we went to Tillsonburg and brought Grace home.

For anyone who is looking for a wonderful family pet I strongly recommend adopting a Rescued Retired Racing Greyhound.

Bringing Grace Home Part 1

Bringing Grace Home Part 2