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In this day and age, it’s challenging to receive good SEO training, especially in-person SEO training. And with the pandemic hurting so many businesses, and individuals, I decided to give back a bit of my SEO knowledge through SEO video coach sessions and training.

I’m launching a new venture – 1 on 1 SEO Video coaching. I will offer search engine optimization lessons online, via ZOOM. These will be personalized SEO classes, tailored to the individual’s website, offering  students a chance to learn SEO that is relevant to their individual business and at a pace that suits their needs.

I’m calling this new online venture SEO Video Coach. This site will re-publish SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, Local SEO, Affiliate marketing, email marketing etc, videos from YouTube SEO video creators . Eventually I will add original SEO videos to the site based on some of my SEO Best Best Practice blog posts.

The site came as a pre-built website called SEO Video Tips with 185 SEO video posts. I originally posted the site at, but it didn’t feel right at that address. Then the name came to me. It made sense, instead of SEO Video Tips, these SEO videos coach the viewers, hence SEO Video Coach. I’ve been marketing newmediaMike as an SEO coach on my old SEO Services Toronto site for some time now, so it dovetailed perfectly with my future plans.

Then it struck me that if I placed the emphasis on Video Coach, instead of SEO Video – coach it came out as SEO-Video Coach. I could use video to coach SEO customers. In these uncertain times, with face to face meetings and consultations being replaced by Zoom meetings, it seemed serendipitous that the name was available. In addition to showcasing hundreds of SEO training videos, it makes perfect sense for SEO Video Coach to also offer one on one SEO coaching and consultation, via Zoom.

The mission of SEO Video Coach is to teach search engine optimization strategy through customized SEO coaching courses that give individuals the tools and knowledge they need to grow their business and gain search marketing skills specific to their needs.

Our 1 on 1 Zoom SEO coaching is designed for business owners, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and other individuals interested in learning search engine optimization and applying it to better their business.

Register today at for 1 to 1 SEO training on Zoom.

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