Why is my poop olive green?

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As someone who has been plagued with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for over a decade, checking the shape, consistency and colour of my BM (bowel movements for the ultra PC) or poop or crap or shit is well, normal.

I’ve seen quite the shit show in my toilet bowl over the years. Different shapes, consistency, pretty much the gamut of the Bristol Stool Chart has gone down the tubes in my toilet.

But, the other day I saw something I had never seen before. My number two was olive green. I’m talking US military grade camouflage green streaks on the TP. I panicked. What was going on with my guts now?

I turned to that trusty tool, Dr.Google, but alas could not find a satisfactory answer as to why my poop is olive green.

I retreated to my office on the ground floor to contemplate my predicament. Why is my poop olive green? To facilitate my thinking I grabbed a handful of jelly beans from my antique dispenser.

When I finished the handful of multicoloured jelly beans I noticed my hands were discoloured. The coloured jelly beans wax and food colouring combined to turn my palms as olive green as a military canteen. The same olive green colour as my poop!

I had been hitting the beans a little hard lately. Like the proverbial light bulb, it dawned on me. My poop was olive green because of the food colouring in the copious amounts of multi-coloured jelly beans I’d been eating.

So if you ever have olive green poop, it’s likely because of food colouring.

Now, you are probably thinking did I just read an entire article about olive green poops? The answer is yes. I wrote this article has an experiment to see if I could rank for the expression “why is my poop olive green.”

I will post updates as they happen.

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