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blog-post-100-newmediamike100 Blog posts? I couldn’t believe it when I sat down to finally write a blog post and realized it would be my 100th. It’s deja vu all over again. A few years ago I lost the original 100 blog posts I wrote as newmediamike  during a database switchover. Lesson learned – always back up your blog!

So while this could technically be blog post 200, since those original 100 blog posts are now lost 1’s and 0’s, this is new blog post 100.

This should be something special and since it’s been over a year since I last blogged might as well catch up.

This has been a very transformational year for me personally. I’m still gainfully employed in the search industry that I absolutely love. I’m working with clients to transform the way people do things online and it’s very exciting. The race on the treadmill that is the Search industry continues unabated as Google continues to introduce changes to their algorithm and the industry tries to catch up.

App Store Optimization – the new frontier

I recently was asked to optimize an App Store listing for the first time. I dove right into learning how to carry out App Store Optimization aka ASO. There’s plenty of blogs and other sources of information on ASO and they do a great job, but it did get me to thinking.

Now, don’t worry newmediamike.com is not about to become another ASO blog. However, there is a revival in the works for newmediaMike centering on App reviews. My best traffic has come from my silly post on “How to remove ads from Angry Birds“.  And of course I’m always downloading and playing and deleting apps. So this makes sense.

I may be looking to hang a sub-shingle out for some part time ASO work down the road.  The challenge with ASO is that you need an app to practice it on. App metadata can only be changed when the app is updated. Unlike SEO where I can set up a blog and write about a topic and get traffic and experiment. OK, it’s that easy for me … (for example this post will rank great for “blog post 100”) and I’d like to hone my ASO strategies. My game plan is to review apps and offer an audit of how the app is ranking in the App Store. I’ve approached two developers and have one app to review and audit. Baby steps.

Look for my first review this weekend on the total rip off app “Transsistant”, which is an app I downloaded today to check my Presto balance.

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