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What happens when you stop blogging? You lose traffic.

nmm-traffic-declineAbout 6 months ago I started receiving odd emails asking me to approve comments, but the data was blank. Then I tried to post a blog post and it wouldn’t take.  It turns out my SQL database had maxed out. The database only had 100 Mb and I was at 148. I called my web host and explained the situation. They said I needed to export the old database and then import it into a new one. I made a couple of attempts at exporting the old database then importing it into a new database.  Unfortunately they failed as the database was so large. So I asked if they could do it for me.

They said no, I would have to do it. They suggested some tool to use, which I tried and it also couldn’t handle the size of the database. So newmediaMike went into a coma.

Life got hectic and busy and I kept thinking, I really need to get this done. I was watching my traffic fall over the last six months as the coma continued. I talked to several people who had experience with SQL and they made it all seem so easy. But I was having a problem with the import due to the size of the database. I even had a “Plan B” up my sleeve.

Last week I reactivated My “Plan B” was to manually copy and paste the posts I wanted to keep, the ones that drive the most traffic of course, and repost them on I would then use a global re-direct and send all traffic from newmediaMike to

Not exactly the best plan if I wanted to keep traffic. A number of posts I have top ranking for would have tanked and slowly percolated their way back up to the top, but I didn’t want to risk it. I have already lost 35% of previous traffic levels by letting the site sit and not be updated on a regular basis. So on a whim I called my web host and explained that I wanted to import an overloaded SQL database into a new one with lots of room to grow. But that I was running into technical challenges. This time the tech said YES!

An hour later I was able to log in and update WordPress to the latest version, update my plugins and now write a new blog post. Now it’s time to reverse the trend and start blogging to regain traffic.

A follow up post will surely follow.


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  1. Mark Sohn says:

    I have a similiar-esque problem (?); on Blogger I get more storage than WordPress (Plus I started on Blogger and was too lazy to try WP…) The problem? – I can’t post enough. It takes me on average two weeks to ‘do’ an article, I have family commitments, life keeps bumping into me etc. My posts are often long, with home-brewed graphics and gifs etc. I love the old blog, its fun, but I have two others to feed now and time’s agin’ me. Between posts my meagre trickle of readers, well, trickles. Any ideas on how to stop the flop?.

  2. Dorell Green says:

    Good information, I just started a couple of blogs.

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