How to turn off Google remarketing ads

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What is remarketing?

what are remarketing adsRemarketing ads are a feature of Google AdWords that allows an advertiser to continue reaching people who have previously visited their site. Remarketing displays relevant ads across the web or when a search is performed on Google, or even in GMail. When a visitor leaves a site without performing a conversion, remarketing helps the advertiser connect with these potential customers again. Remarketing ads are an online marketers dream come true as remarketing ads allow online marketers to chase visitors ad infinitum until they return to make their purchase. But for visitors, remarketing ads can be down right annoying.

I know what ads are following me. I perform a lot of competitive research in my day to day job and this means that I am remarketed to constantly for products I have no interest in as a consumer. For example I recently completed a project for a major Las Vegas hotel chain, I knew going into the project that for the next few weeks I would be inundated with ads from this chain and sure enough I was.

This past week I was researching storage units for my daughter and every site I visit now displays a remarketing ad for one of the storage companies I looked into. After seeing the same remarketing ads even on my own site I decided it was time to figure out how to turn off Google remarketing ads. Since I like to share interesting ideas with my readers I realized it would also make a terrific blog post!

How do I turn off remarketing ads?

You can turn off Google’s remarketing ads by opting-out of Google’s remarketing ads at

There are two caveats though. One is you have to have a Google account. And the second caveat, is’t all that bad IMO; opting out turns off all targeting, not just remarketing. This is OK with me as I believe that having targeted advertising is better than seeing the completely wrong ads for me.

Should you decide for whatever reason to turn on remarketing ads again, you will start with a clean slate as Google removes all of your historical ad targeting information if you opt-out and then opt-in again. So, if you just don’t want a particular companies ads popping up, you could conceivably opt out of remarketing ads, then opt in again.


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