Creating Compelling Content to Generate Traffic for Small Local Businesses

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Creating compelling content to generate traffic for small business has been on my mind a lot lately. Between Google’s recent Hummingbird update to the algorithm and Google pulling all keyword data there has been a seismic shift in the SEO industry and most search professionals are scrambling to come up with solutions. I say “most” because I am not one of them. Creating compelling content has always been at the core of my online marketing philosophy. I was involved in a forum discussion on LinkedIn over the topic of creating compelling content. The original thread creator said that not every business needs compelling content or could create compelling content. I said EVERY business can create compelling content and ever since then I’ve been thinking of various small businesses and the types of compelling content they could create.

Compelling Content in a magnifying glassTo reinforce my opinion that compelling content wins out over link building the head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts said in an interview with Eric Enge:

“The philosophy that we’ve always had is if you make something that’s compelling then it would be much easier to get people to write about it and to link to it. And so a lot of people approach it from a direction that’s backwards. They try to get the links first and then they want to be grandfathered in or think they will be a successful website as a result.

Their goal should really be to make a fantastic website that people love and tell their friends about and link to and want to experience. As a result, your website starts to become stronger and stronger in the rankings.”

If Google’s chief honcho on web spam who every search marketer treats as a demi god says create compelling content and you will build a strong web presence, then that is the route to go. It’s also the same route I have followed since I first started creating online content back in the mid 1990’s.

So what about small local businesses, what sort of compelling content could they possibly create?  The first thought every one seems to have is a blog. While blogging is good and can also lead to additional traffic, it’s probably more prudent to lean towards providing information and answering questions about the businesses products and services. In the thread the original poster thought he came up with an example that was a tad extreme, a furnace filter manufacturer. However, given my history at Direct Energy and the fact I pushed this 5 years ago it was a piece of cake for me.

A furnace filter manufacturer blog about the filters would be boring, to say the least. No one in their right mind would read it. BUT, information on each filter would be important. List what furnaces the filters fit, give a breakdown of benefits of each filter. Talk about the safety features of the filters, give a range of sizes styles, etc. Talk about the ideal and not so ideal conditions the filter can be used in. Provide useful information the searcher cannot find anywhere else, after all that’s why they turned to a search engine in the first place.

Provide your searcher with value and there is a better chance you will be rewarded with increased rankings, which will lead to increased traffic, which will in the long term result in more sales/leads/awareness of your business and what you have to offer.

The upside to creating content that is presented in an optimized fashion is that it provides value and is virtually immune to Google algorithm improvements.


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