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Is it possible to build traffic without building links? In June I created a post on Removing the AVG Search Toolbar after I had a heck of a time removing the AVG search bar. And the blog post outlining how I did it has taken off. In July the post received 628 visits, then in August it received 1,736 visits. So far in September it has pulled in 417 visits or an average of 83 visits per day. In August 217 keywords drove 45,000 impressions and led to 1,528 click throughs.

Of these 217 keywords here is how the Top 10 keywords ranked:

Keyword                                     position
avg secure search                                                                      4
avg search                                                                                     7
how to get rid of avg search                                                    5
how to remove avg secure search                                       6
remove avg search                                                                     8
what is avg secure search                                                        6
remove avg secure search                                                       9
how to get rid of avg secure search                                     6
how to get rid of avg secure search chrome                    9
how to remove avg search                                                      8

Top 10 keywords in the Top 10. So much for it taking Google 3 months to crawl and rank a page!

The best part of all of this?

ZERO links built. None. Nada.

So why then is this post ranking so well and pulling in traffic without any link building? If you were to believe most SEO “professionals” they would say that a page without link building won’t rank. But, this post ranks well because it is compelling content that helps searchers with these three items:

• this post answers a question,
• it solves a problem,
• provides valuable information,

It also follows the most basic SEO best practices of having the core topic “avg secure search” in the major components on the page. In the URL, title, description, Header tag and scattered throughout the post. There is no doubt in Google’s algorithm that this post is about removing the AVG secure search toolbar. 

So, if you want to build traffic without building links create compelling content that people will want to share.

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  1. Peter says:

    I think we’re finally starting to see ‘Content as king’ like matt cutts always used to say.

    I’m running a bunch of lead generation sites now and the only traffic generation is from new posts and internal linking (with a tiny bit of local directories).

    It works!

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