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Twitter ReTweetHow many times have you come across a great tweet and want to retweet it?  If you are anything like me then this likely happens on a regular basis. But what happens when you go to re-tweet and the RT will exceed Twitter’s 140 character limit? What do you do then?

I use TweetDeck so I can re-edit the tweet to fit my name and then re-tweet.  I also then tag it with MT. Similar to RT, MT is an abbreviation for “Modified Tweet.” Placed before the retweeted text when users manually retweet a message with modifications. I also let the person whose tweet I have edited know I changed it. 9 times out of 10 I also use the opportunity to educate the person as to the magic number of characters for Twitter Re Tweets.

What is the Twitter Magic Number for ReTweets?

The maximum length of a username on Twitter is 20 characters. There are a few ways to tell the Twitterverse your tweet is a retweet, but the most character conserving way is of course RT@.  If you leave around 5 characters as a buffer this totals 25. Therefore, based on this the magic retweet number – which means the entire tweet, cannot exceed 115 characters.

Content will always be king. By meeting the Twitter magic number for retweets you have given yourself a better chance of not only being accurately retweeted, but also ensures your tweet reads exactly as it was intended.

Happy Tweeting!

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