Compelling Content as an Online Marketing Strategy

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Creating compelling content as an online marketing strategy should be a no brainer for anyone with any sort of online marketing chops. Yet it still amazes and dismays me the number of so called professional search marketers (SEO) who insist on taking the lazy way out. Link building is dead as an online marketing strategy. Creating compelling content is back in the forefront of the search marketing echo chamber.  I have been participating in an online search marketing forum discussion about whether or not content is really king. The argument at the core of the thread is that not every business can or should create compelling content. I say they can, the moderator of the thread says you can’t.

Defining Compelling Content

Before I go any further let me give you MY definition of compelling content. It is written textual content that:

• engages the searcher,
• captures the searcher’s attention,
• piques their curiosity,
• answers a question,
• solves a problem,
• provides valuable information,
• assists a searcher to find a solution,
• motivates them to take some sort of action.

sharing compelling contentThe example in the thread was of a furnace filter company. What compelling content could they possibly create?

A furnace filter company could create pages and pages of compelling content that would cater nicely to furnace filter related long tail keywords. A furnace filter company wouldn’t need to create a blog with weekly updates on the latest in HEPA filters or filtration news; potential customers are highly unlikely to search for information such as that. A furnace filter searchers intent might be to find the right size filter for their furnace model, or search for a specific need for the filter. In addition to having the filter number and cost, the product page for a furnace filter could list the manufacturer, sizes available, which furnaces it will fit, what allergens it can filter out, recommended change schedule, maintenance tips, and that’s just off the top of my head without any keyword research.

Every business has reams of information on their products or services they can use to create compelling content for their web pages. Look around, I’m sure y0u can put your fingers on manufacturers sales sheets, product information sheets, WHIMIS information, safety instructions, owners manuals, warranty information. This is compelling content that someone, someplace is likely searching for. It doesn’t matter if you get 5500 or 55 visits a month because the visits you will receive will be targeted to your offering. Why? Because you matched the searchers intent.  Don’t be concerned with the keywords you are targeting. You cannot possibly cover the vast numbers of potential keywords per product based on my suggestions.

If you don’t have a physical product you are selling, but are selling an intangible or service the same content strategy applies. Every product and service offering will be different, but the purpose should remain the same. Create compelling content that engages, informs, and above all else is useful to someone someplace.

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