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If you are a regular TTC user you probably have it all figured out which car to enter to exit closest to the exit of your destination station. But what if you were going to a different station and wanted to get off close to the exits?

Well there’s an app for that of course. Android has had this app for a while, it is part of my review of 3 Must Have Apps for TTC Commuters. For Android it’s called TTC Efficiency. The iPhone version developed by bunnyhero labs is called Efficient TTC.

It is even MORE handy for commuting than the Android version. The version for Apple Os has the stations on the first tab. Each station has it’s own entry. After you choose your destination station you are provided with the map of the subway cars and the location of stairs, escalators and elevators. Some maps also show the name of the buses or streetcars. From the map pick the car to enter to exit nearest the exit at your destination. The Efficient TTC App for iPhone also includes a series of “TTC Tips”. These include Fare Tips, Safety Tips, Escalator Tips, etc. The tips themselves are a nifty time waster on the subway. All data used in the app (maps, tips, and station trivia) are adapted from “The TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide” http://ttcrider.ca © Sean Lerner, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence.

Oh and double bonus … it’s free and ad free (ironically this sentence ends up under an ad) and the app makes the maps available without an internet connection, so you can use them while riding around underground.

Great job bunnyhero labs.

Image Credit: John Chuckman

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