How to identify strange search queries

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I was going through the list of the search queries used by searchers to find items of interest to them on newmediamike.  I was seeing how many times newmediamike appeared for a certain term, the number of clicks and the average rank for that query. Typical analysis of keyword traffic. I was maybe not laughing, but definitely snorting, chuckling and even gasping at some of the strange search queries I was finding.

One strange search query really stuck out in my mind. For some reason I was ranked 46 for a term that has two words, seven letters, begins and ends with an F. Oh I also ranked in the high hundreds for various disgusting references to bodily fluid released during coitus too, but ranking in the top 50 for this term was disturbing to me. I knew I had never used that term before in any of my writing as I always write so anyone can read it and never use language that profane. I needed to find it and purge it and devalue it and quickly, so I went on a hunt to find it.

Using the site: newmediamike “{search term}” command in Google I was able to determine it was a comment left on a post.  Once I found it I immediately deleted it.

In order to remove the association of newmediamike with this phrase from Google the normal route if it was one blog post and it wasn’t overly popular would be to ask Google to de-index it. However, this instance was left among several hundred comments on scam artists using 760-750-8888 this one blog post generates 11,000 plus page views a month. I definitely don’t want to mess with it. I instead created a new site map and re-submitted it to Google. It will take a while, but it should decline.

I’m going to monitor this situation closely and will definitely be writing a follow up post entitled “how to decrease the ranking of a keyword”.


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