Google’s Freemium Model is Alive and Kicking

Written by newmediamike

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If your website is engaged in any sort of commerce; in other words your site exists to engage with consumers with the ultimate goal of a financial transaction, the Google Freemium Model is Alive and Kicking .

What do I mean by this? Freemium is a term which means free at first but if you want enhanced features you pay a premium. This is Google’s new business model it seems. Google has accelerated the tweaks they are making to their organic ranking algorithm at a breakneck pace. Google is slowly pushing organic results further and further down the page so that the entire SERP is almost exclusively one of Google’s revenue generating properties. AdSense with snippets rule the roost, some verticals are dominated by Google products like travel, flights and hotels. Google is also set to enter the automobile industry and will be selling leads to car dealers.

What this means for search marketing is a website engaged in any sort of transaction should no longer depend solely on organic or natural search. An integrated search marketing campaign that integrates organic with paid will go a long way at delivering quality qualified potential customers. More so than a straight organic search campaign.

Does this mean the death of SEO? No, it just means that organic search just isn’t enough any longer. A properly configured PPC campaign need not break the bank and can potentially increase your search marketing ROI.

When considering a search marketing campaign be sure to include PPC and drive laser qualified traffic to the pages which will convert the best for you.

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