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The Rocket Man TTC App was one of the first iOS apps I installed on my Apple iPhone 4S. I wanted an app which was similar in features to the Next TTC Apps for Android I was using.

A lot of my co-workers with iPhones had installed this app and raved about it. The price was right … free, so I installed it. The Rocket Man app allows you to save favourite stops, browse TTC stops on Google maps and check current vehicle locations on Google maps.

Rocket Man TTC App Review

The RocketMan App offered a similar experience, showing TTC vehicles realtime location.  The interface is similar to Next TTC. Along the bottom of the screen you can choose between showing TTC stops (default) or your Favourites (which is spelled Favorites on the app!), there is a “More” tab and an Alerts tab.

Rocket Man TTC App - Map viewThe TTC stop tab opens up allowing for two views; schedule or Map. The schedule view allows you to save stops as favourites and provides not just the time the next TTC vehicle is due but the Rocket Man TTC app also provides a very accurate countdown.  It usually takes me 3 minutes to get to my regular bus stop, I try and time it so I can arrive a minute or two early. The other day I left with 2.5  minutes to go and when I arrived at the corner the bus was arriving. I glanced at the app and sure enough it said the bus was due in 20 seconds!

The map view shows you the TTC vehicles and their locations. Which is fun although I’m not sure about their vehicles.  They don’t look like either TTC buses or our current famous Red Rockets. They do slightly resemble the new streetcars. Perhaps the developer was future proofing this popular app. According to the iTunes store, the Rocket Man TTC app is the most downloaded TTC transit iOS App.

The “More” tab allows you to remove ads for $1.99, check out other apps from the developer, follow @RocketManApp on Twitter, contact the developer, share the Rocket Man app with your friends, rate on the iTunes store and of course “Like” RocketMan on Facebook.

The last tab shows you TTC Alerts, which for the Android was a separate TTC app. This is a very useful feature and to combine it is IMO a stroke of genius. The alerts notify you of delays on the Toronto Transit Commission network. There have been a couple of occasions when this app has saved me the hassle of getting to the subway only to find it’s delayed.

This app is a must have for any iOS TTC Commuters. Combine this app with a Metropass and you can travel knowing you will always make your next bus or streetcar.

To install Rocket Man TTC App for iOS Apple iPhone, click here.


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