MOvember 01/12- This time it’s personal

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Movember and sons

This will be my third year participating in MOvember. My involvement has been intensifying over the years and this year, well as the subject line says, “This time it’s personal”.

MOvember is all about bringing Men’s Health issues to the forefront for a This year in addition to my Father in law’s battle with prostate cancer, my own Men’s health issues are  on my mind.  This month I will share more than my own story. I will also share those of my Father in Law “Sparky” who was my inspiration last year and others.

Movember is my time to let loose and have fun. I really got into it last year and this year I am going all out for Movember. At Sapient we have a great team put together and we are already leading in our network of offices around the globe. We are a very competitive office and we are out to win this year.

Movember is absolutely fueled by social media. I met some really great local supporters of Movember through social media and I want to give a shout out to @CaronSue who is again doing her 30 Days of Mo. Thanks for helping build my enthusiasm!

Movember is turning into a family affair this year as well as my Mo-daughta Megan is rallying her high school friends to support Movember. Thanks Megan.

Movember also made it easy this year to re-up and join the Sapient Toronto Movember team. There is also a great camaraderie among men who are growing Mo’s. Last year I raised $100. This year I would like to raise a minimum of $250. You can make a donation at my MoSpace page –

Day 1 – Movember 1, 2012 – Clean Shaven

Movember 01 2012

Due to equipment malfunction my day 1 photo wasn’t taken at Sapient where I am on the Facial Heirs team.  So my Mo-daughta Megan stepped in and took the picture. I can’t smile for the camera and all my pictures end up looking like mug shots.  I posted the picture to Facebook and someone commented on it looking like a mug shot. I figured, what the heck, I might as well go the last yard and make it look even more like a mug shot and use that as my schtick. Except I will be putting the date as the “prisoner number”.

I’m using the MOvember Android App so I will be posting pictures daily. I’ll also be tossing in some videos as well. As i said, this year I am going all out and I will be using newmediaMike to promote Movember to it’s fullest! Please keep coming back to check on the progress of my Mo and please help out by donating.

I should warn any return visitors – I start out trying to look like Ned Flanders and end up looking like a cheesy 70’s porn star. To expedite matters this year, I’m just aiming to grow the cheesiest 70’s porn star Mo and will work it into the schtick. As I said, I like to have fun with Movember and let loose.

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  1. Ian MacCready says:

    Just a funny note that on my visit to your post the ad following your article was for “NONO Hair Removal System”. :o)

    Wishing you the best on your $250.00 goal, Mike. Looking forward to the “full porn” look.

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