What is going on with the TTC?

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While Karen Stintz and Rob Ford have battles about pretend subway and streetcar lines,  in the real world of commuting in Toronto there is a whole lot wrong these days.

At 80 minutes per round trip, (although lately my evening commute can take this long one way) Toronto commuters spend 24 minutes a day longer dragging themselves to and from work than people in Los Angeles, 12 minutes longer than New Yorkers, and 32 minutes longer than residents of Barcelona. With our commute times this long why is the TTC …

Taking Buses Out of Service During Rush Hour

Maybe when the guys who organize the TTC schedule started their careers rush hour ended at 6pm it made sense to pull all the buses off at 6, but it’s 2012 now not 1955. On Wednesday evening I was at Main Street Station and three #135 Gerrard buses went out of service one after the other from 6 until 6:25. No out bound buses at all. I gave up and went to Victoria Park. Now the reason I was testing Main was because the same thing was happening at Victoria Park with the #12 Kingston Road.  Extra long waits for out bound buses. When I arrived at Victoria Park the same scenario was playing out, with the majority of the people crammed onto the platform having been there in excess of 25 minutes.  Even the 6:40 went out of service. It turned out to be 45 minutes between buses from 6 until 6:45. Then two show up back to back.

If the regular schedule bus ran it would clear the evening crush. Stagger the start time if you have to but keep the service at regular rates until 7 pm at least.

Spadina Station

I thought the lineups for the streetcars off the subway platforms was chaotic at Spadina Station. With the streetcar line closed so they can rebuild the streetcar platforms to accomodate the new streetcars they are running buses from street level.

Except they are only loading one bus at a time, yet there is room for two buses to load at once. The queue snakes upon itself multiple times before giving up and cascading down the stairs. Yet there they are loading one bus at a time.  C’mon guys, think outside the box. Utilize the Dupont bus platform when the Dupont bus isn’t there.

Anyone else have any TTC Rants?


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  1. Scott says:

    Hi Mike, the TTC is brutal these days. All the condo developments and population explosion in North York means everyone is jammed onto the Yonge Subway southbound even before the official rush hour starts. At Eglinton Station every train is packed full that is headed south. People try to wait for a train that has room but as i’ve found out the hard way being nice and polite and waiting is not going to get you on a train southbound, you have to hope a train stops with a set of doors near where you are standing to guarentee you are going to on. After 3 or 4 trains with no room go by people get desperate and start rushing the doors, the Eglinton platform is dangerously overcrowded mixed with people pushing and jockying for position I’m surprised nobody has been pushed into a moving train or pushed infront of a moving train yet, or maybe they have and there are no reports… and i tell you… i hear bullshit from people who don’t take the TTC that say the TTC is not up to capacity!!! come ride the Yonge subway.
    Taking a car during rush hour is faster. The buses are snagged up with purolator and fedex delivery trucks stopping in the bus lanes, the busses make stupid stops outside the subway stations like Yonge street before the subway station and then have to spend 10 minutes getting back into traffic to negotiate a left turn onto yonge from Eglinton when it would be better if the busses just got into the station and let everyone off… or make a subway station entrance where the Eglinton/Yonge bus stop is at ( the bell telephone building beside McDonalds on the north side of eglinton)…
    I now ride my bike, even with a flat tire i get where i want to get to on time…. those subway platforms are scary during rush hour. A Disaster waiting to happen.

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