Longest keyword search string?

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Keyword overload? I was checking my Analytics stats tonight to see how well I was performing for a particular keyword and I came across this keyword search query.

what if someone calls you at home someone called me about 4 times and i thought it was a prank call but then i called the number back and i told the person to stop making prank calls to me and i was really mad and upset and it turned out to be one of my husband’s employees making the call and i could not believe it and i just hung up should i have called the person back or not?

A grand total of 81 keywords or 380 characters.  One complete sentence with no punctuation from “what” until the not? An 81 keyword search query! That has got to be a record for longest keyword search string I would imagine! I know I have always advocated for the long tail keywords but this … 81 keywords, has to be a record!

Well, apparently it was overkill as Google only looks at the first 32 keywords, so every keyword after “husband’s” is ignored.

How did newmediamike rank for this absurdly long keyword search phrase? After using the right mouse search feature on Chrome I discovered I ranked #5 for the first 32 keyword phrases of the very rambly search query.

Longest keyword search query ever?

83 keywords. Is this the longest keyword search query ever?

Google simply cherry picked what appear to be random keywords from my post on Google Chat being used to make prank calls and the comments to somehow or other figure out from her rambling search query containing 81 keyword phrases that my blog post somehow met her keyword query.


Now the truly absurd part about this? While this was a legitimate search query on newmediamike, the purpose of this blog post was to disprove an SEO urban legend.

Not just any SEO urban legend, but one that has been a personal pet peeve of mine for years. I am talking about the pre Google, AltaVista days of Optimzation technique of ….

Keyword density.

I have been waiting to write this post/rant about keyword density for a while. Finding that really long keyword search string tonight was the catalyst to finally write this blog post to debunk this myth once and for all. Everyone always talks about how in order to rank well you need to have a certain keyword density. This post was written to the “perfect” keyword density of around 4.5% (this particular phrase comes in at 4.3%).

Can you guess what the keyword is?

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  1. big boi says:

    I beat you, here is my search “have you ever farted on your brother than he breathed in the fart and had it go through his entire body than fart it back our into your mouth an hour later and then have that same fart travel through your body and you fart it back out and your brother inhales it from your anus and then farts it out and then you get confused about who fart it is so you just blame him even though the fart originated from your anus”

  2. Valerio says:


    I once pasted the entire Ulysses text (James Joice) into the search tab and Google just displayed a Aw, Snap page !
    Try it out!

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