A Balanced Twitter Feed

Written by newmediamike

Topics: Kids, Search Marketing, Twitter

How balanced is your Twitter feed? If you are using Twitter to build your personal online brand (which BTW even if you aren’t trying, you are doing) what does your Twitter feed say about you?

My own Twitter feed is generally sprinkled with SEO related retweets during business hours. That’s because I’m using Twitter as an SEO bulletin board so I can read those articles later. It reflects who I am during the day, the SEO Guy at Sapient in Toronto. Then in the evening and weekends it gets more social as I interact with friends and family.

With my oldest off at University, I’ve been using Twitter to keep in touch with my daughter, it’s fun seeing my newly adult daughter calling me newmediamike.

There is a time and a place for promotion, as well as a time to share who you are. People are more likely to trust you in whatever capacity you are marketing yourself, when you are being yourself.

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