How to remove ads from Angry Birds on Android

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I didn’t really notice the ads on Angry Birds on my Android until this morning. Yesterday I was stuck on this one level coming home on the subway. There was a certain point in the level where I needed to launch an egg dropping “penguin”. I was able to do it on the subway, but when I was at home an ad appeared over top of the spot.

I turned to Google of course for the answer on how to remove ads from Angry Birds on Android. The first answer I found made sense. Turn off the Wi Fi and Network so you aren’t connected any longer. Which jived with what I experienced on the subway, as we don’t have WiFi or cell phone signals on the Toronto subway yet.  So, it made sense to turn off the WiFi and Network.

But then it hit me … isn’t turning off the WiFi and Network the same as going into Flight Mode?

Sure enough, the easiest solution to the question of  “How to remove ads from Angry Birds on Android” is to put your Android into Flight Mode. On my Galaxy is activated by pressing the power button. Flight Mode is one of the choices.

Enjoy Angry Birds ad free. Remove the ads by placing your phone into Flight Mode.

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  1. gjk says:

    How can i get rid of angry birds 1.5.3. The android version grays out the uninstall. Application manager does not show angry birds. the app is still running.

  2. Carlina says:

    When playing the latest update to Angry Birds (the original) the ads are really obnoxious. The ad bar sport an exit button that when pressed brings yet another pop up offering you, for .99 the promise of no more ads. I have bought this offer twice and the pop ups continue to flow into my game as usual. Does any body know what else i need to do to get the piece of whatever it is that I bought for .99 to work? I already tried rebooting my devise (Gallaxy Captivate)and also have re-started the game several times in mid play to no avail. Help!

  3. newmediamike says:

    Thanks for pointing out those exceptions. I don’t use paid power ups so that would never occur to me.

    As I point out in the post, I discovered this while riding the subway in Toronto. We don’t have WiFi in our subways and my subway route is all underground.

  4. Dirty Doggg says:

    Turning off the wi-fi and mobile network is still effective at killing the ads in all versions of Angry Birds and still leaving the game completely playable, with two exceptions:

    1) In the standard Angry Birds, you would not be able to shop for the paid power ups, though you’d still be able to use those you’ve already purchased. You could momentarily turn on the wi-fi or mobile network, do your shopping, then turn it back off.

    2) For most Angry Birds groups all the screens are loaded at once during install or update. However, in Angry Birds Seasons — 2011, for Season’s Greedings, it worked like an Advent Calendar, where during December you could only access the levels numbered up to the current date on the calendar. Each screen would download the first time you went to play it. As it is after Christmas of 2011, all levels are available. Once you’ve opened each Season’s Greedings screen once they are now local on your device and can be played with no wi-fi or mobile network — and no super annoying ads. You still have to clear previous levels with at least one star before you can play later ones. This means you need to turn network connectivity on momentarily when attempting a new screen for this theme. Again, this applies to Angry Birds Seasons / 2011 / Season’s Greedings only.

    As has been stated in other posts, putting your device in airplane mode will prevent you from receiving texts and voice calls. If you wish to still receive texts or calls while battling the pigs you should simply turn off wi-fi and mobile network. You will not be able to use your phone as a mobile hotspot with the mobile network turned off.

  5. UncleBubba says:

    Hey, Rob (and everyone else),

    Activating Flight Mode (or Airplane Mode, or whatever) turns off all the RF transmitters in the device. If the phone only has cellular and wifi, it will turn those off–and is equivalent to turning them off separately.

    On the other hand, if your phone has Bluetooth or NFC capability, it will turn them off as well.

    The point of Flight Mode is to stop all radio-frequency transmissions. As such, it’s a pretty good way of taking a device off any network(s) to which it may be connected.  

  6. JAYNE DOUGH says:

    well, airplane mode would be fine but then you wont get any phone calls while you’re playing the game.  also, I turned off my wifi and the ads are still there, so I think they’re onto us now.  Anyone have any new ideas?  thanks

  7. newmediamike says:

    Thank you Rob for your comments. I haven’t reached those levels yet that insist upon an internet connection. Hey I said I played Angry Birds, I just never said how well, I play it. 😉

  8. newmediamike says:

    I beg to differ, but when I’m on the subway and have no network connection my Angry Birds plays just fine.

  9. Rob L says:

    Thanks for your post.  A couple of notes:
    1. Flight Mode is not quite the same as turning off WiFi and Data.  The difference is that in Flight Mode, you cannot still receive calls or SMS.  Nonetheless I often turn on Flight Mode simply to conserve battery.
    2. A friend also suggested that I turn off WiFi & Data to remove ads, and therefore improve my android’s performance on Angry Birds and other games.  (My phone has been getting “glitchy”.)  However, at least on the newest updates of Angry Birds Seasons, *some* levels INSIST upon an internet connection before you can open them.  Apparently the creators realized people were finding this workaround!
    3. I have “never” paid for an app for my Android.  Yet, I love Angry Birds enough that I *WOULD* pay a few dollars for an ad-free version *but that option is not available*.  The creators stated that that option will become available at some point…

  10. Bates says:

    This is obsolete, at least on the Android.  Angry Birds will no longer play if there is no network connection.

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