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Industry news behind a paywall?

Earlier this week I tweeted about encountering a paywall at a media industry news site.  I caught a tweet flying by in my stream about the Rotisserie Channel winning a Cannes Lions’ and  I wanted to find out more, so I Googled it. The Media in Canada site appeared at the top of the rankings so I chose that result.

There was a paragraph introducing the story then if I wanted to read more I had to subscribe. $14.95 a month. To read industry news? What the heck are the site owners smoking? Who pays to subscribe to Media in Canada?  The WSJ, or NYT I can see having paywalls, and even they are struggling with them. But an online publication about media in Canada? There are actually people who will pay to read media industry news online in Canada?

Man, I gave up on Visual Convergence too soon.



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