Must have Apps (Android and Apple) for TTC commuters

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UPDATE – Feb. 11, 2013

Looking for an iPhone TTC app? Since switching from the Android platform to iPhone I have discovered the Rocket Man TTC App for iOS Apple iPhone.

Around the same time I acquired my Android device I also started working at Sapient Nitro. Sapient is located at Spadina and Richmond and having worked in the neighbourhood before I knew parking stock was both dwindling and getting expensive so I decided to become a full time TTC commuter. Which really isn’t so bad as I live near the eastern terminus of the 502 Downtowner.

One of the first apps I installed on my Android device were apps related to my daily commute. There are a number of free apps you can download which can help you with your daily ride on the TTC. Here are what I consider to be the

3 must have Android Apps for TTC Commuters.


NextTTC uses the Toronto Transit Commission’s next available vehicle real time data to inquire about TTC arrival times. You can get arrival information from the transit stop numbers found at each stop location, without the cost of sending a SMS. Currently this only works for streetcars, but the TTC is rolling the query to all TTC stops.

Update: While each stop may not yet be numbered physically, the app lists every bus route (including the All night buses) and every stop.

The app allows you to save commonly used stops, browse TTC stops on Google maps and check current vehicle locations on Google maps. This is a neat feature and is extremely useful.

To install Next TTC on your Android, click here.


TTC Alerts keeps track of any delays or disruptions in the Toronto Transit Commission subway/RT network. I find this app most useful BEFORE I get underway either in the morning or in the evening. There have been a couple of occasions when this app has saved me the hassle of getting to the subway only to find it’s severely delayed. Or it has prevented me from hopping on the Spadina 510 as there are delays on the route.  All in all a great app.


To install TTC Alerts on your Android, click here

TTC Efficiency Guide

This app has maps of all TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) subway stations so you can see where the stairs/etc are… and plan where to stand on the platform. The app features very simple diagrams of all stations and shows the trains and where to get on to get off closest to the stairs.  I’ve been using the TTC  for decades and I always try to figure out the closest doors to the stairs but usually forgot. No longer with this handy tool!

To install TTC Efficiency Guide on your Android, click here

UPDATE – Jun 28, 2013

The TTC Efficiency Guide has been adapted for iPhones. it is called Efficient TTC.


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  1. Jen says:

    Moovit is the best app I’ve seen in a long time. And it’s available in almost every country I’ve travelled to, in over 22 languages.
    It has real-time arrivals, best routes, favourites, reminders of when to get off (!!), map with nearby stops and full directions- so not only do I know when the bus or subway is coming, I know how to walk to and from where I need to go.

  2. Square Drive says:

    No doubt that the above listed three apps amazingly helps TTC passengers. I would like to suggest Transit App, HopStop Transit, and TTC Bus Schedule as the best choices for use. Thanks for sharing this list!!!

  3. Susan says:

    i like this one. i think this one is new. its more beautiful than others.

  4. Joe says:

    Good suggestion, but the features for this app out weight all of them. The dev answers emails kindly and quickly.

  5. mgna says:
    Gets the remaining time to your next “TTC” transport in the station to your choice.
    Then you can save the location, configure how much time you want to be notified ahead, and go back to enjoying your free time.

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