760-705-8888 – Why are they calling me?

760-705-8888 – Why are they calling me?

Written by newmediamike

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Received a call from 760-750-8888, don't know who they are or why they are calling? Find out the answer to who is 760-750-8888 and why are they calling me?
Scam Phone Call
Date Published: 01/11/2010
Are you receiving calls from area code 760 – 760-705-8888 and don’t know who they are? Then you are in the right place to find out information on the number 760-705-8888 calling from area code 760.

ORIGINAL POST – January 2011

I received a call from 760-705-8888 earlier tonight. I didn’t recognize the number but since I use my BlackBerry for my search marketing (SEO) training business I answered.

The person speaking on the other end said he was calling from Rogers and to reward me for being a loyal Rogers customer and always paying my bills on time Rogers wanted to reward me with a prize, and there was no cost to me. He was going to call me back to confirm my address because he said that tomorrow a representative would drop by my offices with my prize.

I replied, “I don’t think so.”

“Why not? It’s free as a reward for being a loyal customer …”

“Because this phone is not registered to SEO Services Toronto.

At that point I hung up.

Who called from 760-750-8888?The call lasted all of 20 odd seconds but alarm bells were ringing in my head from the beginning.

First he went directly into a sales pitch after identifying himself as being from Rogers. No confirmation of my identity or anything of that nature which is SOP on any call with Rogers, plus even though the account is in both my wife’s name and mine they usually ask for her.

Next he said that Rogers wanted to reward me for being a loyal customer (which we are, sort of) and for paying my bills on time (well … not always on time) they were going to reward me. That was the tide turner.  I have never heard of Rogers calling up and offering loyal customers prizes. Have you?

Then there was the mention of the SEO course in Toronto.  I’m using my BlackBerry number as my business number and the only place that phone number appears is in our ads and on our website. I knew he had to be a scammer by that point.

Who is 760-705-8888 and why are they calling me?

I did some research and it turns out that 760-705-8888 is the generic Google Chat Phone number all Google chat users are assigned as caller ID, and it is the same number no matter what Google account a person is calling you from.

Using my GMail account I checked this out and sure enough 760-705-8888 appears when I called.

So just a heads up, with the domestic call phone capability in Google Chat, we can probably expect more scam calls from 760-705-8888 to start appearing on our phones.

PLEASE NOTE: Some legitimate uses of 760-705-8888 do exist, they could be family or friends trying to call you.  NOT EVERY 760-705-8888 call is going to be a scam.


Wow,  a lot of people have found this blog post to be useful. I’m glad to have helped. To “Jim”, sorry buddy but you must have transposed a digit because I just checked the number again and this time I took a picture.

760-705-8888While signed into my GMail account I used the Call Phone Feature of Google Chat. The image to the left is the number that appeared – 760-705-8888 and it is definitely coming from GMail/Google Chat.

My daughter also informs me the same number has called our home a few times with the bogus computer support scam, but she’s too smart to fall for it.

UPDATE – February 2012

I just got off the phone with a scammer. The phone rang and when I looked at the display I couldn’t believe my eyes. There it was 760-705-8888.

I answered it and a very thick accented gentleman calling himself “Paul” said he was calling from Symantec and there may be a problem with my computer.

uh huh. Now I’m at a fork in the road. Do I hang up or do I string him along?

Me: Which computer? There are 5 on this network.

“Paul”:{Some scripted gibberish about a virus and needing my password for my computer}

Me: Which computer? There are 5 on this network so can we narrow it down?

“Paul”:{More scripted gibberish about needing my password}

Me: Which computer?

“Paul”: {Scripted reply nowhere near answering my question}

Well this exchange lasted a couple more rounds with neither of us making any head way so I gave him up like a cat gives up a mouse it was tired of playing with.

My point is these guys are still calling, and the information in this post is still accurate. Callers from 760-705-8888 may possibly be scammers so please be cautious in giving out personal information anywhere.

UPDATE 2 – June 2012

Thank you all for sharing your stories of scam artists. I am amazed at the volume of people who are searching for information on 760-705-8888.  Our stories together can help educate people about the potential scams which can be conducted on Google Chat.

Please comment, share, Like, +1, Digg, basically spread the word about the scam artists who misuse 760-705-8888.


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  1. Mohammed Elmeligy says:

    Thank all of you guys for sharing your experiences with that number, i live in the UAE and i got a call from the same number, it is a good thing i missed it, tried to call back thinking it’s something important, but i git a digital vouce reply saying (google sonthibg,,)
    Now i can be very careful with that number.
    Many thanks

  2. I got this too! Stop this man now!

  3. k says:

    someone just called me with this number saying “do u know what ligma is”. i said “no tf”. the he or she said “lick my balld bitch”. i said “k that wasnt cute”. they responded with “your fat”. and i hung up

  4. Frank says:

    Indian scammers – block!!

  5. Marc says:

    Just got a call from them. And automated message said I had won a vacation in Cancun. Said to press 1 to claim my prize. Being curious, I pressed it, and got an automated message “Please hold while we transfer you to a sale representative”. I hung up.

    Thing is, I really travel to Cancun a lot (twice yearly), so I thought I really had won a prize from one of the air carrier official contests I entered… Now, it looks like an elaborate phishing scam…

  6. lakawaak says:

    All you have to do is remind the children on the other end that Google can trace the account it came from. Most of these are just kids. And even if they thought about using a proxy when they logged in to the account when they made the call, chances are they have logged in to that account at some point without a proxy. This will scare the crap out of them.

  7. John says:

    June 26, 2015 – phone was ringing at 3:04 AM from that number… Thanks for the post. too bad nothing can be done about these guys.

  8. Natalie says:

    I have been receiving these calls for the past 2 weeks and its just silence on the other end. Thanks for the posts. I a not answering this number again.

  9. torres says:

    I don’t know anything about this stuff, but was hoping someone can help me. My husband is a minister and helps alot of people. I think one of the people he has been trying to help has been prank calling us in the middle of the night, waking us up. but when i try to call the number back its too many numbers. i have tried different variation’s of the number and to no avail.I think they might be making up a number from the computer and calling our land line phone. Is there a way to find out who they are or where they are really calling from?
    Thank you

  10. elmercuble says:

    The telephone number that keep harassing me is (313)656-1763

  11. Mazzy says:

    I keep getting calls from an old man phone number 615-566-2100, he wants to have sex with me, he must think I am a professional whore, he said he got my number off Craigslist. Please help!! He is a creepy stalker!

  12. newmediamike says:

    Thanks for your comment. The title “Who is 760-705-8888 and why are they calling me” was crafted after the post was launched and keyword data started to flow in. It answers two questions “Who is 760-750-8888 …”, and “Why is 760-750-8888 calling me”. It also answers “760-750-8888 is calling”. It is quite diverse and ranks well, usually in the #1 or #2 spot for most of the queries.

  13. ask says:

    I think that everything wrote made a great deal of sense.
    However, what about this? suppose you composed a catchier title?
    I ain’t suggesting your content is not solid., however what if you added a
    headline that grabbed a person’s attention? I mean Who is 760-705-8888 and why are they calling me?

    is kinda plain. You might peek at Yahoo’s front
    page and watch how they create article titles to get people interested.

    You might add a video or a pic or two to get people interested about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it could make your posts a little livelier.

  14. Nicole says:

    This “spam caller” has been calling me anywhere from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM. Needless to say, these calls scare the heck out of me and wake me up. I opened a ticket with the FCC but they are useles. I wish there was a way to stop these calls.

  15. Leniese says:

    Yeah I just got a VM from this number and it was a girl saying:

    “Are you my mommy? I’m trying to reach my mommy. Daddy is doing weird things and acting weird so if you’re my mommy, can you just call me because daddy is being weird.”

    Who the hell jokes about child molestation?

  16. Lisa says:

    I work at a retail store and we got a call from that number. We sell novelty items mostly but we got some adult/innapropriate Valentines day cards recently. That number called and started asking about our cards, for the 8 year old neighbor next door. He was very serious and it was pretty off putting. I hung up on him and came here. Glad I did! It’s not just scammers apparently, it’s prank calls also.

  17. Wentworth Pier says:

    Thanks for the info:
    Just got a call from them trying to scam $750 to keep my nephew out of jail. Glad i didnt fall for it.

  18. George says:

    I received a call this morning, showed up as “cell phone, California”. When I answered, a young man (perhaps a teen) said “Hi Grandpa”. I asked who it was and he said “you know me”. I told him I had no grandson, to which he replied, “I meant this is your nephew”. I asked which nephew, trying to place the voice. He said “you know who I am, I am your favorite nephew”. I again asked for his name and he said ” you are, (he then called me by name) aren’t you?” I have a common name so I said yes, but I am not going to play games with you, which nephew are you? He then said “Christopher” I said “you have the wrong number, I do not have a nephew named Christopher”. He then not only called me by name again and told me the name of the street I live on. At that point I hung up. I then checked to see number that had called, and it was 760-705-8888. I googled it and found your posting.

  19. Amy says:

    This man called my house 6 times in total. He was saying sexually explicit things to me and even called back an hour later. It was very scary.

  20. Will says:

    Seems they have crazies in California too! I never answered it seeing what the area code was.
    Once I talked with a telemarketer for over 1/2 hour after he called until he realized I was pulling his leg. His comprehension level of English and intelligence level allowed me to get the best of him. He hung up on me!

  21. Will says:

    at 1am something my phone rang, i saw the area code and didn’t answer. Four times it rang. I googled it and found this site full of complaints.
    Maybe someone can trace it back that has the capability and put that guys phone where it belongs. Most likely dealing with a mentally disturbed individual. Maybe he is using a phone while incarcerated in a mental institution, can only hope!

  22. Haley says:

    There this guy on facebook says he from Spain but lives in windsor ON
    He adds girls on his Facebook trying to talk dirty to them and stuff and calls them from the same number that on here +1 (760) 705-8888 he tried doing same thing to my friend she said go on webcam if your real he said Mac laptop wouldn’t work that he needed to install something and she even tried meet up with him at another friend have him come there he didn’t show tried saying went to wrong I told stop talking to him and shouldn’t have tried meet with him
    I know he a fake

  23. Anonymous says:

    Got called at ~12:00 PM today, and I waited for 5-10 seconds see if they said hello at all, nothing. I say “Hello?” and suddenly I hear MMMMMMMMMMMM loudly into the mic, or at least some form of gibberish then he hangs up. I don’t even what

  24. Steve Douglas says:

    I received a call from the number and didn’t bother to answer. Then I went to my phone history and placed the number on the block list after reading this post.

  25. Tim says:

    I just received a call from this number using my full name and then saying they had a package for me just wanted to comfrim my address is… And they had my address? They also said the package is under investigation, which really werided me out. I don’t know who it is but they can keep that package.

  26. Nissey Pascua says:

    This number has been calling me for about 2wks on my cell phone and my work phone. He knew my full name and that I had kids… said I was going down and I better watch my back…..something needs to be done…

  27. matthew says:

    I just recieved a call from this number and when i answered there was a man on the other end with a thick accent asking me ‘where is vlad i know you have him’ just a little wierd. So i told him he has the wrong number and then he tells me ‘no i know you have vlad and now i have your number’ i toldd him congradu-fuckin-lations and just before i hung up i heard him say ‘give me vlad’ no idea what he is talking about but wanted to put my info with this scam stuff up for others to see.

  28. Isabella says:

    I got a call from this number, the guy insisted he was sitting with someone I knew and haven’t spoken to in a while, so they asked me to guess, which I didn’t since I told them I didn’t want to. They knew my name, and what city I lived in. They also tried to use the “is your refrigerator running” joke, to which I was witty and replied “no, it’s broken right now”. After a few minutes of some awkward quietness and them stuttering, almost as if they were trying to figure out what to say, they said stuff along the lines of “we’ll call you later when we’re not so busy and you’re not wasting our time” so I said goodbye and hung up.

  29. Loretta Roper says:

    I was contacted last night by someone claiming to be from Internet Service Management Canada. This number came up. He said he noticed that everything I posted and received could be viewed by hackers and could I please go to my computer and give him access and he would show me. Yeah right. I told him busy right now, give me your number and I will call you back. He gave me 1-888-757-8888 , said name was James had Indian accent. My call display showed 760-705-888 and when I try it, it doesn’t ring, the other number is like a fax number. I’ve reported both numbers to OPP

  30. shane says:

    760-705-8888’is from google talk. it is a default number given to people who do not have their own. if you have google talk on your gmail account then call yourself. i remembered i called a friend and she told me the number

  31. Igor the Terrible says:

    Well, these panty wastes have NO idea who they messed with today. I was having a roll in the hay with the GF (that doesn’t happen very often these days) when this scum called and tried to sell me something I didn’t want. Igor no like that. Igor will hunt down these dogs and take them for a California boat ride.

  32. Steve says:

    Got a call today from this number threatening my life and my family’s lives. Very explicit, direct threats. I’ve reported it to the police, and I’m going to give the detectives this post’s URL. There are some cowardly sick f**ks hiding behind the anonymity number. Google has a big, big problem, and they need to fix it immediately.

  33. Jay says:

    I was at my girlfriends house when she got a call from this number. I remember she paused the movie and held the phone up to me. She asked me if I recognized the number. I said no buy she picked up and put it on speaker.
    “Hello?” She said
    “Hey” the man on the other line said
    “Who is this?” She asked
    “Its Mark”
    She looked at me and I shook my head. Neither of us had ever met someone named mark
    “Sorry I think you have the wrong number” she said
    At that point it got scary.
    “Are you ms. Lyla (her middle name and last name)?” The man asked
    “Um.. why?” She said, terrified
    The conversation became very explicit. The man said he lived near her and was going to rape her. He said lots of dirty stuff. Then I informed him that he was in California and were Canadian. We do not live close and not any time soon will lyla be getting raped.

  34. Kylie says:

    I was at a friends house and this number called me. It was 11 pm, I didnt know who this was, and we were all pretty bored, so we decided to answer. Long story short the man on the other line called himself Jacob amd claimed he was in Pakistan. He said he worked for bell international services and that he needed my personal information (adress, passwords) so he could fix some problems on my phone. Then I told him my phone was finr and I wasnt with bell. He kept pushing though. Finally I told him that his number was from California not Pakistan
    At that point he was speechless and I hung up

  35. Mary says:

    I was called tonight too. I don’t answer any calls of numbers I don’t know but I’ve had quite a few lately.
    Thanks for the article.

  36. K says:

    Well this number just called me and the person on the other end of the gave me some very disturbing information. I don’t know who they are but they knew of me and my first name. Somehow they got a hold of my cell number and called me via this number. I googled the number and realized its related to a gmail account. Then I found this article very informative. But I still don’t know who this person is that called me. Can you block gmail numbers?

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    am trying to to find things to improve my website!I guess its ok to use some
    of your ideas!!

  38. Pat says:

    People, people, people,…Relax,..it’s not a scary scary number,..It’s a Generic Google Voice Chat Phone #…It’s great for free calls all over North America # …It should be applauded,..not sensationalized by so many goofy comments,….Sure,..I guess the odd putz is misusing it,..but really folks,..it’s overall a good thing,..so enough with the (probably mostly made up) horror stories…How do I keep this simple for all of us ?hmmmm…OK, I think I have it ? ,..Think of Skype,..it’s basically the same technology computer protocol,…There,..You learned something new today,…and that’s a good thing,;), Now enjoy sending or receiving free calls,..Again, this is more often than not,…a good thing…Cheers

  39. Sue says:

    Just came into work and seen that this number called 3 times between 4:14 and 6:42 AM this morning. No messages! I hope they call back while I am at work. I would love to hear what they have to say! LOL!

  40. Andrew says:

    Dis MF called my phone atleast 50 times nd didn’t say sh*t!!!!
    O weirdo ass MF, he/she needa get a life!!! If I ever figure out WHO dis MF is im finna beat da Dogg Sh*t outta him for callin so many times!! WTF he callin right now -.-
    I wish I knew who it was bcz I feel like stompin his face in
    Reall NIqqA TAlk!!!!!

  41. Amber says:

    6:30 this morning I got a call. Good thing I was already awake drinking my morning cup of joe! First time it sounded like a butt dial and I kept saying hello loudly than hung up. They immediately called back and I relized the rustling I was hearing was actually a creepo whispering ” you want to f**k f***k f**k f**k?” I got after him for calling at 6 am an no, I don’t want to f, I have a husband! He than whispers some more and calls me a “female dog”. I just hung up, rolled my eyes and blocked the number. I never right on these chat/blog things, but after researching this # and reading everyone’s experiences, I thought to add to it and share mine! Don’t let these pranksters and telemarketers ruin your day!!!

  42. Another One says:

    I got a call today and the guy called me Grandma. I told him I am no one’s grandma so then he said he was just kidding, he was my nephew. Again, I have no nephew, then the conversation turned dirty and the guys was saying many explicit things and even said he lived in my town. Then he said he was gonna come here and rape me. He better not try or his ass will get shot!

  43. Raven Morningstar says:

    Just got a all tonight at hotel/motel where i work in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory from a man who was enquiring about room prices and I asked him for how many people. He said himself and his 8 year old daughter. I gave him the prices for the hotel and motel. He asked how sound proof the rooms were and how private they are. I told him the people in the other room would hear a bit of noise from your t.v etc if you were louder than normal. He asked if we had food available so told him we had baked goods and sandwiches etc for sale. This next question got me feeling like I should report this guy to the police. He asked if we sold condoms. I said no. Remember it is just him and his 8 year old daughter checking in. Flags started going off with me. Is he messing around with his daughter. Sick people out there. If this is a scam it is very sick. Still wondering if I should reportt the call to our local police.

  44. Nicole Harden says:

    Just received 2 phone calls from (760) 705-8888 and the guy would never tell me his name and kept saying to just check my Facebook messages. My Facebook is currently deactivated so that definitely raised a red flag!

  45. Zoe says:

    Just received a call from this number but I was away from my phone. Good thing too.

  46. Jess says:

    Yeah, I just got this call too. They called and I didn’t pick up the first time. Then a few seconds later I got the call again, so I decided to answer it. After saying hello this random guy started laughing really loudly screaming and repeating something. I couldn’t quite understand him, but it sounded like he was saying “You sucked his dick!” and then laughed after I said “What?” in a flat voice and then they hung up. Really weird.

  47. Judy Salyer says:

    Got a call today. To home phone. From the number 1-760-705-8888
    from Scott Salyer he called me grandma. Caller ID read number from Mauria Collins.
    I don’t have a grandson with that name. So check interent and found this post, here I am.

  48. Ashley says:

    My grandfather was almost scammed by this number the people claiming to be a Sargent at a Mexico jail and he arrested his grandson and without $1200 he would be in a Mexico jail for 8 months after the “Sargent” talked to my grandfather a man that sounded like his grandson got on the phone and said please don’t say anything about this. Well my 83 yr old grandfather was worried and went down to western union and wired $1200 to Mexico in his grandsons name. Came home and tried to call the number they provided to him and couldn’t get through so he calls his grandsons cell phone and guess what? He’s at work NOT in jail and has never been to Mexico. Well as soon as I find this out I call western union and got the money refunded the money back to my grandfather. The next day at 8 am they call back from 760-705-8888 and my grandfather answered the phone and they say to him what happened where’s my stripper money, my grandfather said that’s your problem and hung up we have not heard back from them since.

  49. Dave says:

    It continues…12:40 p.m. on March 27, 2014, and I was in the middle of a phone call I couldn’t interrupt, so I let it go to voicemail. Six minutes later, another call from the same number.
    Neither left a message, so I assume it’s a scammer; anyone else, who actually knew me, using Google chat to call me would probably have left a message.
    Thanks for the very informative post.

  50. Robino says:

    Got a call on my cell from this number at 2:08am. I sleep with the ringer off so at least it didn’t disturb me and no message was left. Got to work the next morning and our work phones have caller ID. My direct work line received a call from this number at 2:09am. No message left. Really disturbing they know cell and work phone number – very select few have both.

  51. Shannon says:

    3-26-14 Just got a call from this number saying “Hey” and I said “Hey, who is this” and the man said “Hey it’s your neighbor who you have been stealing the paper from”.

    I hung up and then googled the phone number.

  52. Mike says:

    Mo mother-in-law just received a number of calls from this number saying that it was my son and he and his military friends won tickets to Mexico City and got themselves in trouble and needed $1000 to get out of a legal predicament. Total scam.

  53. Sheri says:

    My 16 year old daughter just told me she got a frightening, obscene phone call from this number, which I now see is the generic number for calls made through Google chat. The male voice claimed to be with an Escondido modeling agency and knew her name and age–and obviously her cell number. The caller didn’t maintain the premise for long and quickly shifted into rude, sexually explicit language and threats. No one should be subjected to this kind of harrassment. Sick people out there, for sure, and I wish I knew how they find a 16 year old’s phone number, when it’s not publicly listed anywhere. Seriously, seriously disturbing!

  54. James says:

    This is damn weird, they knew my name and what service I was offering. Of course the voice was weird, seemed like cheated using a computer but anyway, looks like a scam.

  55. Shaye says:

    On March 15, 2014 a Phone number that I did not recognize had called my cell phone. I did not answer and they left a message, actually 2 messages. One of them, the first one. Saying ” Answer your phone it’s important”. The second one was a bit more nasty and the guy said ” Answer your F..king phone B…h, it’s
    A f…king emergency. I was floored to say the least. Be cautious of these people who are doing this. He sounded drunk or like he was on something. Everybody be careful.

  56. henry coxny says:

    Is this a non-profit 501 (c) 3 ?
    It shows the Right From The Start Nutrition pays the president, Nguyen Nguyen, a nice salary. It is listed as $367,791 /yearly just for 40hrs/weely, and….
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  57. Using this number (706)705-8888 Collins Maura, someone call our store wanting to ship some chairs to our store to be reupholstered.
    Wanted to make a payment over the phone, with some bogus credit card number, and the remaining money to pay the shipping company.
    We told him we only take credit cards by swiping not keyed.

  58. Kelsey says:

    I got a call around midnight last night from this number. I didn’t see the call I just listened to the voicemail now and it sounded like a 15 year old boy and he or she said “is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it hehehe” this call freaked me out as I thought it might be a friend of mine and then it was a strange number from no where near my area. Strange, immature, and quite annoying!

  59. Jennifer says:

    I have been getting continuous unknown calls on my cell phone from this number for the last past hour or so. Every time I answer the phone all I get is silence, whoever or whatever scammer or debt collecter keeps harassing me won’t say a word. However they keep continuously calling me over and over again and again. when I looked this number up online one site says that it was from a debt collector, and I found your site where you say it is a Google Chat #. When I attempted to call the number it said the call cannot be completed or could not go through. I don’t know who or what is calling me but I want them to stop harassing me immediately. They somehow managed to keep calling me over and over again yet they don’t know how to say anything at all, not even one word. All they can manage to do is call my number over and over again as if is on automated dialer.

  60. Cris says:

    Was just called 3times back to back on the app “textPlus”
    I didn’t answer but something odd happened the last time they called
    Instead of the caller ID saying the number it said “Detective Dick” funny but odd
    Was wondering has anyone else received this call on apps? Or under that name?

  61. david says:

    FRAUD ALERT: I just received a call from Michael Martinez (with a heavy middle eastern accent) representing himself as a Direct TV person. He gave me all the info from my account (install dates, package ordered) and then asked me to verify my social security number and credit card number. call originated from (760) 705-8888- caller ID Collins, Maura

  62. Audrey says:

    I had a friend on facebook for a long time. Chatted with him on n off. I am now being stalked by this man…with this phone #. I know his real name and what he looks like.

  63. Shah says:

    I am repeatedly getting called from this number, some sort of discount benefits etc. Pakistani guy trying to speak English but when I told him to stop calling me else I would report to CRTC for not observing Do Not Call List (I registered my number long time back but turned out to be useless against these spammers) he got angry and started speaking punjabi with cuss words, I can’t believe it. I hate these South Asians marketing callers, I wish there is a way to block them.

  64. Pramodna says:

    I just got a call from 760-705-8888. The guy was speaking to me in Hindi, which I understand and was asking to speak to the man of the house. I asked what it was regarding. Then in english, told me that it is important that he speak to the man of the house. I asked him again what it was regarding. The man swore at me in Hindi and hung up before I could respond. I still don’t know what company they were calling from.

    How inconsiderate can people be in this world!

  65. Marianne says:

    My parents received 2 phone calls from this number this week. Whoever called identified them both by name, then told them he kidnapped their grandson, Michael. If they ever wanted to see him again they would pay up. Now their only grandson is my little boy, who is not named Michael. Needless to say I am more than a little freaked out by this! Especially now finding out it is a google voice number and whoever called could literally be anywhere! Any suggestions on how to handle this are welcome!

  66. Lena says:

    I got a call from this number 2 days ago, I was a little off guard because it is a California number, and in Boston. The call was from one of my doctors. It is not always bogus.

  67. The Butcher says:

    This MF just called my daughter asking if she’s ready to be raped. Now this is going a little bit too far. Don’t make me catch a case. #MURDER THAT IS

  68. nesh says:

    I think this guy Indian. we have to find out. he speak to my co-worker he speak hindi.

  69. amy kuta says:

    Was left a strange message from a sad sounding guy saying “I love you. I love you a lot” A nice call actually from a spam number!!! But of course I looked up the number wondering if it was from a long lost Californian boyfriend!!Now I know not to answer it.

  70. Really Annoyed says:

    My elderly parents received a phone call from someone about a week and a half ago who claimed to be their grandson. The person said hi this is your grandson and he was going to Cancun for a vacation. Today, about 10 days later, my elderly parents received a second phone call from this number(1-760-705-8888), stating their grandson had been arrested and the US consulate needed them to send them $1300.00 to get him out of jail. My father questioned the man who claimed to be a deputy by telling him, “he was not a deputy and that if he was calling from the consulate’s office he would be a consulate. He then hollered over the phone to tell my mom this is one of those scammers! The caller immediately hung up.

  71. Ananoauser says:

    Just happend too me but it was someone ligit that I know. They left a voice mail not to come in due to weather.

    P.S. I thought it was illegal to silicate to Cell numbers or List them without consent?

  72. edwin says:

    We all have this instinct of going online to search for a particular phone number. That number may have appeared in our inboxes and we would like to know who the person is behind the number in http://www.phoneinlookup.com

  73. KissesForever says:

    My caller asked me if I was so and so, when I said no. She proceeded to ask if I was, so and so, but using a different name. I simply said “you have the wrong number” and she asked, “well what residence do I have?”. I simply said “it doesn’t matter who I am, you contacted me” and I hung up and immediately goggled the number.

  74. Hun says:

    I just received a call from this same number I didn’t answer the call bc I don’t no the number but they left a vm saying “I’ve got your children muhahaha” but very monotone n creepy wtf is wrong with this weirdo someone needs to take him to a mental hospital after reading all these.

  75. Paul says:

    You people just don’t know how to handle telemarketers! I always try to keep them on the line as long as possible. Last on claimed to be doing a survey on banking, retirement, and health care including dental.

    On banking, I saw the bank manager this morning, they froze all my accounts, everything was cleaned out even my RRSP. I think it was my wife, she left me today, took my kids, even took my dog.

    On health care, all my health care was done by the doctor in prison, and I just got out last week. No family doctor, he won’t see me anymore. Dentist? Don’t need a dentist, they pulled all my teeth while I was in jail and I can’t afford dentures.

    Retirement, I’ll never live long enough to retire. My wife left me, took everything, I think that I’ll just kill myself!

    Kept him on the line all through this while I wandered around the house trying to find my starter’s pistol that I use to train my dog. Wanted him to hear the bullet going through my head,,,, unfortunately, he hung up before I found it!
    Got to have some fun with those idiots!!!

  76. JoyfulC says:

    A simple solution to the problem is to ask the caller for a number where you can phone them back. Refuse to continue communicating without such a number. If they don’t give you a callback number, they’re up to no good and you can proceed to ignore them.

  77. L says:

    This number called me, but I didn’t pick up. It says it’s from Escondido, California and I don’t know anyone from there.

  78. Jerilyn says:

    I just recieved back to back calls from this number I answerd and nobody says anything. Finally about 5 calls later I said who the f**k is this? He said in a creepy voice “u know who this is” and hung up! I was so angry I had to be up in a couple hours for work so I posted the number on my fb and then added the # to my contacts and blocked the number. So far so good.

  79. chocolate says:

    stop playing games on my phone

  80. colin says:

    760 705 8888. keep call. this man need to crazy hospital.

  81. Steven says:

    Had this number call me on a phone that would have caused me to pay for accepting a long distance call when I’m out of town. Waited for the voicemail message to listen to, none. He called back again, and I didn’t respond again and now I have Googled this.

  82. Volunteer says:

    I was on night cover in a homeless shelter and got a phone call saying “California” (and the number we all know) on the display at 1:03 AM, answered it by saying “Hello California, this is….”, but nobody spoke to me, just hung up.

  83. Jamie says:

    Woke up this morning to a missed call on my iPhone. 2:30 I’m the morning!! Yep, 760-705-8888!

  84. AP says:

    Hey didn’t read through all the posts but I use goggle chat to make free calls too and its great, however there is a way (if you like) to make your calls not come from that number. You simply need to register with google voice (search goggle for google voice). This way if you use it to mostly connect with friends and family and don’t need to be anonymous you can have a dedicated number. It like the chat calling is free. The one catch is you need a current phone number that they will verify. Once you do that you can select a number and that will now be the number that will pop up when you call. Just make sure you disable call forwarding so that it doesn’t ring your normal phone too, unless you want it too. It will also email all txt msg and voicemail to that number too (if you want it to). And if you still need that other completely anonymous phone calling ability (for whatever your reasons are) you can always get another google screen name.

    Just a tip

  85. Sean says:

    Just had a phone call claiming the person on the other line works for the Internet Server Management of Canada. I did not let him get into details but I asked for their business number which he replied “excuss me, we can not give that out.” and explained I have my private information on my computer being sent through their servers. I then told him I do not have a computer and dont have the internet. He told me he didnt believe me. and asked for information about my operating system. I laughed and said ok you are right I have a computer and then told him that his call is being recorded since he has called a member of the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency. He hung up right away.

  86. Amy says:

    I keep getting a phone call from this number but no one will say anything when I say hello so I just hang up or make up some stupid saying when I answer and they hang up.

  87. annon1234 says:

    sexually explicit calls. If you hang up he calls back. Asks if you can handle 8″. I told him I have a nice big knife – I’d skin it, burn it, stab a bunch of holes in it, pop the balloons above and then chop it off, feed it all to a pit bull and turn him into a girl. He then didn’t call back a third time. LOL

  88. Mike H says:

    I know this is an old post and probably won’t benefit anyone, but her I go:
    760-70-58888 incoming number on my phone switch at work. Apparently the little suckers are very adept at hacking voice mail system. Hacked three of my VM boxes to dial out and call New Guiana. Good thing AT&T has a fraud monitoring on our lines. AT&T notified me of the discrepancy and the problem is now resolved. Still waiting to see if the long distance charges are dropped.

  89. Alex says:

    I also got calls from this number in night time. How should we block this number to call to us? It is annoying.

  90. leo says:

    Hello everyone just thought I would weigh in on this subject of g mail voice chat. I’ve been using this service for quite some time now and it’s an awesome free phone when you don’t have money for minutes or no land line service. Unfortunately not everyone that uses this is a friend
    family,or loved one so sometimes I will text the person that I’m trying to reach first so as to let them know to answer the call. So please do not condemn the number 760-705-8888 to much for it has served me well. Rather blame the unlimited amount of crooks who lurk out there. They will always find a way to try to deceive you. In retrospect to eliminate such harassing phone calls most all phone service providers will have a number blocking feature and some offer it for free.

    Also a warning for those who think your land line is unlisted just because it doesn’t appear in your local telephone directory (book,or operator assistance) unless you payed for an unlisted service from the first phone you owned people can always find a number or at least a street address. I haven’t owned a phone-book in years 411.ca is the way to go ecologically speaking. Thanks.

  91. Rome says:

    Just got a call from this # 760-705-8888, and someone or something said, “You will burn in hell, if you do not repent.” Well first I have some incredible news for them, I am a Christian, Jesus died on the cross for me and ALL whom accept HIM as their personal Lord and Savior. PERIOD. So In the name of JESUS CHRIST, “I rebuke you SATAN!” Amen

  92. Kendal Smith says:

    Thanks for this post. Had a call today which I missed but when trying to phone back I couldn’t so I purchased.

  93. Pat says:

    I just got calls from this number..today..and all in the span of 10 minutes, 3 TIMES! I didn’t answer any of them. I have a REALLY new number that I recently just changed due to telemarketers wearing out the ringer. I will block this number for sure, but it’s quite concerning seeing how long these people have been at it. They need to be shut down!!!

  94. Lisa says:

    I live in Canada and have been getting calls from this number at all hours of the night! I have elderly parents and it scares me each time the phone rings in the wee hours of the night, how can I get my phone number blocked! Any ideas.

  95. annoyed mommy says:

    I just received 2 calls from these nitwits…claimed my computer was spewing my personal information all over the net…I said funny I have protection for that…he said I was mistaken…I said No im sure im not…my husband is in charge of security around here…he was annoyed, I hung up and then he called back to tell me I was “poor excuse for a wife not trying to help my husband”…I laughed :)…but only for a second because then my children all woke up :S

  96. Becky says:

    I just got a call from an Asian sounding man claiming to be with Internet Server Management Canada. Saying that their server was getting all of my personal information including passwords etc. He asked me to perform a few tasks on my computer and since alarm bells were going off I wrote them down while pretending to do them. When he started asking me questions, I asked him to prove that he has my info, I asked him what exactly he knew about me. He then claimed to not be allowed to go into my account. I told him to call back later after I checked out this company and number online. He then directed me to look at “the company website”, to which I told him, no I would rather see what other people have said about you guys. He hung up.

  97. chandra says:

    Not only did i receive a phone call from this number, after the FIRST call when he said something about my computer, i hung up and then HE CALLED BACK, and informed me the call is recorded and i told him to send someone to my door to deal if its an issue (SCREAMED a lot of profanities hahaha felt good) and hung up, and searched the number waiting for a third call back.. funny the goof musta realized im on to him..

  98. cavalier says:

    Just got the call from this number. Spent about 5 minutes over the phone. First, it was a man’s voice saying to confirm the service order tomorrow to add the filter for my computer. Then I ask “Who do you call”? He passed to a lady’s voice and repeat the service that they will come tomorrow. Then I asked again “Who do you call”? and “What is the address you are going to do the job”? She cannot answer. Then I asked again, if you got the service order or job you want to confirm, why you cannot answer me. She then told me her name. About 2 minutes, background sound passing some info to her and she can tell me first name. However, she cannot tell me exactly my address except the “City”. I reply, “Yes, this is my first name. How can you get it”? She told me she got it from the phone book. Then I asked her my address that she’s going tomorrow? She cannot answer, just repeat the city’s name. Then I say, “Scammer, don’t waste time”. then hung up the phone.

    It seems the call is trying to get my address and come tomorrow to set something to me or to steal my personal info.

    That’s why I did some research for this number and post my experience here.

  99. pma says:

    I received a call from this number. ON my cell it said Escondino. The person on the other end was making wild threats against the children in my preschool. No sales pitch or anything like that, just crazy talk. Then another person was on the line with him. Probably had a extention. He was saying wierd stuff too. They both sounded young, like teenagers or young adults. They got a little sexual, and then just stupid lame stuff. I just laughted them off and hung up. They called back and I didn’t answer and no more calls. We got a report earlier today that these calls were going around to other preschools and child cares that advertise on Craigslist. Before they alled on that number they called from a local number that came up as LDS mission. I’m wondering if he accidentally ussed a different phone before using the 760-705-8888 number.

  100. Dale says:

    Got a call from this number today and caller identified himself as my grandson “Chris Lastname” and the last name was mine! I have a nephew named Chris but with a different last name, so easy to know this was bogus. When I said–what is this about? the caller hung up. So, not only did this scammer have my home phone number and last name, he knew someone in my family was named Chris. Scary!

  101. rish says:

    omg i just got a call from this number twice the first time i answered this guy with a chinese accent said “hello? hello? are you chinese? (then some giberish) i couldnt hear from his end of the phone lol and i said no then he just kept talking and i could barely understand him with all the static and stuff so i hung up.. it was really weird
    and 5 minutes later the number called again but i didnt answer..ill probably just block the number i guess..

  102. lastcall says:

    So I know the app talkatone though ipods and itouch that is the number that use when you make a call on there service…. I just tried the app and call my own phone and that is the number that came up….

  103. Alli says:

    I received a call from 706-705-8888 and began to ask questions when I realized this was NOT someone I needed to talk to so as a woman, I, immediately peeled out a blood curdling scream to which the individual hung up. Most likely I will NOT be called again.

  104. als says:

    I called myself and this number appeared too. so I looked it up and this is where I wound up. yes I can call out on my phone, but cant call into it using this number.

  105. Patrick says:

    Is there anyway to report these douchbags? I work until 3am got home and in bed by 4:30am… was just about gone when at 5:57am I get a call from this number… Thinking it’s an emergency (sick mother & Disabled brother) I answer.. nothing but some background music or something, couldn’t make it out.. I say hello a couple times then hang up.. Of course my wife rolls over and asks if that’s my girlfriend…

    Phone rings again this time I’m Ready to blast them… turns out to be my brother he got a call from same number at 5:56am. He said hello then hung up..

  106. susan in canada says:

    i just got a call from this number and didn’t answer because i didn’t recognize it. turns out, one of my staff was calling in sick! so, it is being used legitimately, but you should still beware.

  107. Sue says:

    I got a call from this number at 5:40 AM this morning!!!! Didn’t answer it, but who makes calls at that hour of the morning!!!

  108. Shiv says:

    haha i got this call too! He called to offer me a management position at TOPS! lmfao!! And i was like i have worked at tops a long time ago why would you be calling me now!? as soon as i said that he got scared! lmfao!! i knew he was bullshitting cuz it was a california number! but BEWARE they are targeting us americans so we give out important info like SSN’s, credit or debit card info….ps. he had an accent as well and knew my name! lol

  109. Noliah says:

    When I use Google to make phone calls, that is the same number that shows up on the other person’s caller ID. Bummer.

  110. Noliah says:

    When I use Google to make phone calls, that is the same number that shows up for the person I’m placing the call to. Bummer.

  111. Beth says:

    This is the generic Google phone number. If you’re using google call either from your laptop or mobile, THIS is the number that shows up that you’re calling from. Anyone can use it.

  112. Michael says:

    I have someone calling my disposable from this number asking for Anne or something. Help me

  113. XO says:





  114. Mike Allan says:

    760-750-8888 is a generic number used by GChat.

  115. omg says:

    thats my gmail number, that i never use, 🙁 i decided on checking to see what the area code is & where its coming from and i found this forum…

  116. C Thomas says:

    This number is one that is used by google chat to dial out from. It is a pooled number that could be any number of people as it is not their direct line.

    I hadn’t seen this mentioned in the thread so I thought I’d comment it.

  117. Greensky says:

    I got 2 calls back to back from this number at 5:45am this morning. I was upset to say the least. Voice mail was left both times which was a few seconds of bad call quality a male voice speaking a language I did not recognize then hung up. Sounded like gibberish perhaps. I hope this doesn’t happen again. I’m very private and don’t know how my number was gotten by anyone, I don’t even use social media or my real name most often.

  118. Maggie K says:

    I just got a call from that number and the guy on the other side asked if he could sing me a song. I asked who it was and he said it wasn’t important and asked if he could sing me a song. I said I’d rather know who it was or I would hang up and he said it was my best friend and asked if he could sing me a song again. I said I was hanging up right now, which I did, but I’m very creeped out so I googled the number which led me here. I don’t like people who I don’t know calling me, I don’t know how he got my number so I’m feeling a bit violated right now.

  119. Liana says:

    This is so creepy! I was called by this number and when I answered whoever it was hung up. Then a restricted number called me five times back to back.

  120. shrrinno says:

    just recieved few calls from this number threated me and talk violant . i called the police and reported it and iam waiting to the police as i am writing this comments if this is a trick call its so ashamed to have pple doing it and dont get track . they reuind my day so far

  121. ND says:

    I just got a call from this number and it was a very tricky one. Some woman called and said XYZ (my name) ? And I said “Yes, this is he?” and they said “Just a minute, this call quality is not so good. I’ll call you right back”. End of call.
    I was taken aback, because I didn’t know this person. And this person didn’t call me back. What surprises/bother me is that this person knew my name…
    I was certainly not going to call back the number, but I also see that this would be pointless.

  122. Thanks x2 says:

    I keep getting called by this number as well, it seems liek it is a generic number from google or the net, only i didnt get called by any scammer or telemarketer, instead i had come guy grunting and saying ‘oh yeah, they called three times in a row and i kept pickup/hang up right away, third time that is what i heard. I get called by this number at least once a week though. I thought it was a friend since his phone has a # disguiser… boy was i wrong lol

  123. Bob says:

    Just stumbled over this post as I was looking for a friend’s number. As I was intrigued I kept reading. It sounds like some of these people were targeted from Craig’s List. They could be pulling this information from multiple sources or all from one source, but it seems like multiple sources since one person said their Facebook name was mentioned. It’s surprising that this has been going on for two years now.

  124. Thanks says:

    Thanks for this – very informative!

  125. Annoyed says:

    I have been getting MAD calls from this number and I already blocked the number. I also have been getting voice mails from this man. CONSTANTLY also. I already blocked his number with an app I downloaded, however it doesn’t block the voicemails. Is there any way to block voicemails from these idiots???? How did they even get our numbers??

  126. Are U NUTS? says:

    Got 2 phone calls from this number, on Mother’s Day. 1 at was at 7:05 AM. That’s insane. Whata-a-matter-u?

  127. Suz-ee says:

    I use google voice, but with a google-provided specific number, NOT the generic 760-705-8888, and it also shows my name. Sure, the 706- etc. is definitely going to be used by scammers, rip-offs & cheats. BUT, all you people posting about calls that scare you…. because they know you, refer to people you know, or your address, think about it: back in the old old days, before even caller ID, we’d have people who we knew, who would prank call, or obscene call, or terrorize call, because they could get away with it. You had to go to the phone company, authorize a trace, and wait forever for the phone company to get the creeps who harrassed you. Remember? Those people were effectively put out of business with caller id, blocks and all the new technology. But suddenly, gmail chat opened up the anonymous phone call world all over again…. Some creep you once met at a party can now harrass you at will; your kids’ hooligans can prank call at 3 am; and every sorry-butt con artist can try every trick out there all day and all night until he snags a fish. So way to go, Google! You’ve adapted the best technology to re- invent the late-night heavy breather, anonymous obscene calls, and “do you have Prince Albert in the can?” pranks. Oh brave new (old) world!

  128. Jack says:

    Similar experience. The guy is a petty extortionist. He is such a frickin moron!

  129. mar says:

    Received 5 calls from this number 760-705-8888 a man saying he was Pakistan told me he had my daughter he said she was converting to islam and was is England with him and that she was sexy and naked on the floor after smoking pot with him. When I asked him to describe her he could not give accurate information to me other then a minor detail… and he would not let me speak to her. He called back a 6th time.. I let the machine answer and he told me she was now going home to Allah. This should be illegal!

  130. Tiffanie says:

    I received a call from this number also. My called lasted 13 seconds. The person on the other end was saying sexual explicit things, so I ended the call.

  131. Sydney says:

    Thanks for publishing this post. It was very helpful and informative. So far I’ve only gotten the call once, but I didn’t even answer it since I didn’t recognize the area code–not to mention the entire number. I’ll be on the lookout if they call again.

  132. Brad Scott says:

    I received a call this morning from a man claiming my computer was sending Microsoft information stating my computer was infected with a virus. He attempted to get me to download and install Team Viewer. I told him I was an IT Professional and he immediately hung up. He said he was with 24×7 PC Care representing Microsoft.

  133. Mike Allan says:

    You have a valid point that I was trying to get across, yes the number is used by scam artists, but more people use it for legitimate useful means.

  134. anonymous says:

    If you’re like me an got prank calls from this number, throughout the day and night, for a few days, it gets annoying. If you have an android cellphone, I’d recommend purchasing thru google play apps the Extreme call blocker(stealth). Well worth the one time charge of under $10.00! If app doesn’t work properly, just email the developer and tell them your error/problem with the app. If they can’t fix, they’ll refund you. But, so far they were able to fix my error, cuz one of the option to hang up on anonymous, private, blocked #s, and unwanted #s, instead of having them go to voicemail, wasn’t working properly, they were able to fix it and now so far, works great! Of course, you can block any # and do the same, either have app hang up on them, or direct them to voicemail. Again, so far best app so far for blocking unwanted #s!

    Good luck!

  135. Jody Walker says:

    I just got an email from these scammers. they told me to call them on 813-322-2299. but most certainly a scam. they must have got my cell from the internet. be careful where you input your personal information.

  136. Pearle says:

    Every morning I call to wake my child up for school.
    I use Google to make the call off of my computer.
    And the number that comes up is 760-705-8888

    Not every call from this number is a scammer. It could be your mother calling to wake you up for school!

  137. lorna hess says:

    i got a call from this # 760-705-8888 at 9p.m.woke me up, told them to give me their # so i can call them and wake them up. they called right back and girls were laughing, calling me a bitch and said 1-800 suck my dick. hung up and they called a third time. finally had to umpulg my phone. reported to do not call list, but that doesnt work either.

  138. jack says:

    thanx for the help got a call and wanted to know what that was about because very few people have that number

  139. Steve says:

    Someone called my landline from this number, and they knew my name and address, and obviously my home phone number. They claimed they were from Mastercard and that someone was attempting to ship products from Amazon to a location in another state. They were using some strange voice frequency shifter that made their voice seem deeper and distorted. I could hear my voice being repeated in half duplex, like on a cheap speakerphone. I asked for a number where I could verify that this was Mastercard, and they gave me another person in my home town with the same last name.

    I hung up, logged into Amazon and changed my password to something more secure, after checking to see if there were any strange orders (none). I do not know what sort of scam this guy is trying to pull, but he is easy to trip up – but the entire experience makes me sick.

  140. Mia says:

    This was very helpful…i got several phone calls from the number before answering, when i did they told me i was going to die and they were going to kill me…could this be someone i know ?

  141. mike says:

    i keep getting several dozen of these calls per day on my brand new cell phone, they were playing music in the background with some doughebags in the backgroud giggling like little girls. i politely informed them that i knew everything about them, including their mothers, and that i had already told the local police about them. the calls seem to have stopped

  142. Emma says:

    Ugh!! This number has been calling me for months! Like someone else on this post they have been leaving obsene & disturbing voicemails! They know my name & stuff like that! Sketchy!! Having my host block this number! Not screwing around with this anymore!! The voicemails usually say something like:
    Emma (last name here) pick up.. And some other gibberish I can’t distinguish. It’s obviously a prank but it’s not funny ugh!

  143. Sharon says:

    I just got a call from this number. Caller started by saying ‘Hi, it’s me. Just wanted to let you know about getting gas and electric cheaper. Info from his attorney.’ By that time I answered and asked ‘Who did you say this is?’ Interestingly he stated the exact same statement. I asked again a number of times, even asked who he was calling, and the same thing happened. It was a recording that kept starting over every time I interrupted it. Finally just hung up and looked up the number and got here.

  144. Carmen says:

    I have a feeling from the last post I seen about Google Number that this has a link to my G-mail. I had recently gotten an e-mail from a friend with a link to some diet website. Curious, I clicked in. I noticed right away that her e-mail had been hacked. I asked her and she said she has been getting a lot of complaints about these false e-mails that are not from her. Now I too have been some how sending e-mails with bogus links to all my contacts. I must have gotten hacked in too. This was about 2 weeks ago. Now I just had this number call me and I do not answer phone numbers I do not recognize. I have a strong feeling that it has to do with the hacking.

  145. Mary L says:

    Just got my first call at 4:30 in the freakin’ morning. Looking at my clock, I automatically thought it was a family member and something was wrong. What else do you think when there’s a call at that time of the morning. Without looking at the number I answer and no one talks back. I must have said Hello 6 or 8 times and then they hang up. Then a few colourful words escape my mouth and look to find this number. Least they could do at 4:30 a.m. is give some line of bull so I can at least have the pleasure of blasting them. Needless to say, didn’t start my day off very well.

  146. Stephanie says:

    Just got a call from this number in Canada (NB) claiming they were going to sell me something to make my hydro cheaper! Bahaha! Red flag right there…Idiots

  147. Dice says:

    3am I get 2 calls ba k to back me thinking it’s some kind of emergency and answered. Both call they hung up!! Who the fuck calls a number at 3am unless u know em or it’s an emergency, seriously?!?!?!
    Not cool!!! How can one report?!?!

  148. the number 760-705-8888 is being dialed from the g-mail system. it allows you to download a program on your laptop or home pc and use it as a telephone while signed in to thier email system. i hate to hear people like this are scamming others with this service. its a shame. i use the g-mail to call home some times from dialysis when my cell phone won’t work

  149. Daren says:

    I got a call from this number at 9:02 pm ,I did not pick up because it seemed suspicious .I know no one with that area code .Im sure what ever it is its some sort of scam ect.

  150. Jack says:

    Brian baker who sold his company wind vine to google uses this number to cheat on his wife I know this because it’s with my wife he is cheating he thinks it’s safe to talk to my wife with this number but it’s all over her phone bill always one minute after he calls with his cell phone 206 914 1275 he thinks he’s wife won’t find out she will

  151. Leslie Sporrer says:

    I received 4 calls from this number the night before last. The first one came just before 10 PM, and that wasn’t so bad because we were still awake. But the next three calls came at 11:20 PM, 11:30 PM, and 2:00 AM…REALLY?! How can they get away with this???? Thankfully they didn’t wake my 5 and 2 year olds up!

  152. michael trolian says:

    this guy called and said my wife is a whore i need to find this ass hole help[

  153. Sol Zeller says:

    I got a call from this number this morning at the ungodly hour of 3:30 AM. When I picked up there was nobody at the other end. When you first get a call like that you think is is some sort of emergency and get nervous & scared. It ticked me off because I could not get back to sleep again. If he tries again tonight nobody will answer. I am an Orthodox Jewish Sabbath observer and my phones and ringers are shut down Friday night and Saturday.

  154. Ash says:

    I received three phone calls in a row at three o clock this morning none of which were long enough to answer. Just hang up and call back hang up and call back it was very strange. So happy I saw this post

  155. Connor says:

    Thanks, this number has called me a total of 14 times while I was in class

  156. Thomas says:

    I was eating breakfast with my girlfriend this morning, and we both received repeated, back to back calls from this number. There was no response from the other line each time, however I found it odd that the caller managed make a connection between my girlfriend’s and my own cell phone number.

  157. angel says:

    Wtf….they called at four freaking o’clock in the morning!! Woke the entire family. I had a hard time trying go fall back asleep. No message was left. AND because we do not have caller ID I had to star69 it. Another $1.75 wasted..

  158. Calvin Leman says:

    Got the call twice but did not answer.

  159. alex says:

    I got a call at 4:00 am from this number wanted my ” banking ” info to make sure I was ME! ha ha ha hung u called back and ‘number cant be reached’ SCAM OBVIOUSLY’ THANK YOU FOR POSTING!

  160. Rox says:

    I received a call from this number as well and was on the other line so could not answer it. Funny thing is though, it was a customer of mine using the service, so not all will be scammers. Unfortunately there is no buzzer screaming “scammer” when someone uses this. Best to leave it go to voicemail and if they are legit, they’ll leave a nice message with a real number to call them back at.

  161. Just a heads up…my website uses a Google Voice # as its publicly listed domain level ‘who is’ contact information.

    My number recently started to ring into a 12 year olds cell phone!

    Upon doing some further research, I found this information on the Google site.


    So first NOT ALL calls from that generic number are scammers.

    Thank you NewMediaMike for stating in your article “Callers from 760-705-8888 may possibly be scammers so please be cautious in giving out personal information anywhere.”.

    My only concern is was there enough emphasis placed on the words ‘MAY POSSIBLE BE’ and ‘BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT GIVING OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION’ as so many people are quick to jump to conclusions and join the mob mentality as soon as the first suggestion is made on a topic.

    It is a sad reality that scammers are indeed using the free calling service, but they can also use email and snail mail to sucker in the uninformed among us.

    Further, if you want YOUR GV # to not use the generic GV # for your caller ID, then all you have to do is this:

    “If you are utilizing a Google Voice account with the same username as your Gmail account, then your Google Voice number will show in caller ID to those you call.”

    This information was found in that same Google Voice FAQ I linked to above.

  162. kim says:

    Same number called me and asked me why i was answering random phone calls and continued to curse me out.

  163. Ralph says:

    760-705-8888 just called. I didn’t answer but they left me a threatening voicemail: “Watch your back.” There sounded like there were women talking in the background and the man who left the message seemed to have a middle eastern accent.

  164. audrey says:

    this same number had call me and it was a child and the child did hang up and i try to call back and it says the call could not go through as diald

  165. Thanks for the heads up!! I’ve gotten a few calls from these scamers!!!!! I will share this info with everyone I know!!!!!

  166. kelly gia says:

    I JUST received a call from 1-760-705-8888 & while I did NOT recognize the number I was waiting for a call from someone who’d be calling from an unknown number. I answered & it seemed like a bad connection. I heard someone but it was like when someone is in a “dead zone” & they are breaking up then the call was ended. I repeatedly called back with no answer then it would go directly to a recording ” your call did not go through, please try your call later”

  167. Jane says:

    Something is not right about these con-artist complaints. This number, 760-705-8888, is Google Chat. Go to your g-mail account and accept the calling terms. It’s free to make some calls, and place one to your (say) cell phone. It will cost nothing (free, at least currently) and then you will see the number that displays on your cell phone. It will be 760-705-8888! Again, this is Google Chat and you generate it yourself, unless someone else is calling you from Google Chat. At any rate, you cannot call the number back because it will state you call cannot be completed as dialed… Create a g-mail account and try placing a call if you do not believe me. Someone may have been yanking your chains, but this IS MOST DEFINITELY Google Chat. And it’s most likely not from overseas because that costs the caller money from their own identifiable account.

  168. jess says:

    At work tonight I received a call from 7607058888 i didn’t answer it because I wasn’t familiar with the number, they left me a voice mail with heavy breathing, when I tryed to call back it said my call could not be completed as dialed so I was freaking out!

  169. John says:

    I received a call from (760) 705-8888 and knew immediately it was a scam because they’d tried calling before regarding problems with my computer. I told the caller that they had called a crime scene and proceeded to make up a phony name and here’s a bit of conversation:

    Caller: There is a problem with your computer and we can fix it etc etc

    Me: This is inspector David Ramsey with the Ottawa Police Department (special crimes unit). You have called into a crime scene which is currently under investigation. Who are you and what is your connection with the deceased?

    Caller: Ummmm errrrr gulpppppp

    Me: This call is being traced so stay on the line. Now then, what exactly is your relationship with the deceased. Why are you calling this number at this particular time and what is your involvement in this homicide? How are you connected to the victim and how did you first meet?

    Caller: CLICK…..never heard back from them again.

    Another way to play with these idiots is to tell them to hold a moment and let them sit there forever. It really does work beautifully.

  170. eric says:

    Hey same thing here except an oriental man and couldnt understand,soon after as i was in gmail i recieved a msg saying my account had been attempted to get logged in by another person. i traced the ip and it was in china…exact details IP Address:
    Location: Puyang, Henan, China. So be secure good luck guys

  171. Irish Mike says:

    Well, I just got a call from this number. I don’t answer odd numbers for my number is a very personal number.

    I’m not sure who was trying to call but I found this article to be quite educating.


  172. KAI says:

    I answer the phone for my office and every morning for the past 3 months I have missed calls from this number from the times between 2am-7am. Whenever I do catch the phone when it’s ringing, nobody is on the line. This is a major annoyance for me since this is a place of business and I am usually in a hurry to pick up. Good to know that it is a Gchat origin number- too bad they can’t be blocked.

  173. Mike Allan says:

    This is strictly about the calling function in GChat. I’m in Canada and we can’t get Google Voice.

  174. Mike Allan says:

    It’s NOT his number. It may have been at one time, but the number 760-750-8888 belongs to Google. I even took a picture to show the number.

  175. Sammi says:

    I actually know Jason Essex and randomly stopped by this page while looking for his most recent work number. He’s been getting hacked for years, so it’s not him. People somehow keep hacking his phone number and emails and he can’t seem to stop it which is why he changes his number. I’ve been helping him with it for ages.. I also know the guy and he’s certainly not Indian.

    I’ll certainly pass this message along to make sure he knows his number is being used for this.

  176. nikki kumar says:

    the number is on facebook up it up

  177. erkme73 says:

    There’s a little more to this number than I’ve read in the blog or comments. When a Gmail users creates a Google Voice (GV) account, they’re asked if they want a new GV phone number, or if they want to port their mobile number to Google. Those appear to be the only two options. However, if the dialog box is canceled at that point, the GV account is still set up – albeit, without an actual GV number.

    If the user then uses a VoIP box like OBiTalk (one time cost of $30) and sets his outgoing calls to use that GV account, all outgoing phone calls from the OBiTalk box will bear this 760 number.

    According to OBiTalk support, they recommend users setting up such a “bogus” GV account (in addition to the legitimate one they use for everyday calling) so the outbound caller ID can be obscured. Unlike traditional phone service, legitimate GV outgoing phone calls cannot block their caller ID. But with a second “un-numbered” GV account, the user can effectively obscure it.

    I’m sure most of what everyone here is experiencing is probably the Google Chat feature (part of Gmail), but, what I’ve described above is actually quite simple, and will allow any standard phone (cordless or desktop) to get a dial tone, and make outgoing calls exactly like on a land line system… with all outbound calls showing this 760 number.

    After reading about all this abuse, I’m going to add the number to my blocked caller list. If anyone calls me from it, they’ll get the generic POTS “the number you have called has been disconnected” message.

  178. Mike Allan says:

    I agree Bert. I use it to dial into conference calls all the time and to communicate with friends over GChat. It is a great communications tool, the point of the blog post was to warn others of the scam artists.

  179. Bert Hansen says:

    PLEASE NOTE that many people, myself included use google calling for legitimate and non abusive purposes. It is a fantastic business tool when used legally and professionally. It would be a shame if it becomes unavailable because of some perceived abuse and knee jerk reaction.

  180. Dale Overall says:

    Got received a call from this number but my modem is currently having technical issues and has been cutting out on me all day-sometimes my land line works, sometimes not. I answered but my modem did its magic and this call was…terminated before it began…typed the unknown number onto Google to see if it was a scam. Guess this is one call that I don’t need.

  181. JB says:

    i just got a call from 760-705-8888 it is coming from a computer

  182. S says:

    Thank you for this information. The 6 in the morning phone call did sound suspicious, & there was no answer after I said hello. Than again they called me the next day @ 2 in the morning. Yeah great time to make business deals. These A holes don’t realize what time they are calling you, they just do. I have very bad reception where I live so I never got to hear their voice but I did let them hear mine. I told them to F OFF & to never to call me again. & it has worked so far. I never got a call back from them yet.

  183. L says:

    If you get a call from this number it is someone calling you from their GMail account. It is a free feature that allows you to make free phone calls. Anyone with a gmail account is automatically going to have this number as a Caller ID unless they want to change it to match another of their phone numbers, or to show it’s from a certain city. So if you recieved a call from someone it’s either a telemarketer or someone you know. As if you have an android phone, your contacts are saved to your gmail account and you can access them from your email or the app on their phone.


  184. E says:

    Ugh. I just got a call from this number at 2:15 in the morning, and I panicked about who would be reaching me at this hour. No comment, just some background noise when I picked up the phone. It’s frustrating to know that it could be someone I know some random scammer!

  185. Mike Allan says:

    Good point Rick! There are still many legit uses for GTalk, it’s the scammers we need to watch out for.

  186. Rick C says:

    Received a call from this number on my cell. I don’t answer calls I don’t reconize so I did not answer after the 3 call and after reading these post I answered it. It turned out to be a oldest child who lives with her mother calling me from her Gmail mail. I didn’t even know Gmail had this feature. So just remember this number is not just for prankers, scammers or telemarketers but may be your kids with no other way to reach you.

  187. Anon says:

    I received a call from this number last night and they left a voice message. It sounded like some kid saying that he knows that I have a kid on the way and is going to find it and kill it when it turns 28. He said a few more inappropriate things followed by threats. How would I report this?

  188. rooster says:

    got a call last nite from the #760 705 8888, i didnt answer it but did get a voice mail, get this it was from my ex boy friend asking me to call him back so when i tried to the next day it told me my call can not be completed at this time wired hua

  189. lolli says:

    i keep getting calls from that number also the guy sounds indian and i dont answer the call but the person keep calling and calling and its almost 1am and its pisisng me off like really people

  190. Vortec32 says:

    They just call me from that #, i didnt anwer (dont answer # i dont know)

    I just blocked it, using my service provider tools.

    this is the 3rd time they called, first 2 times i didnt realize until i saw the lost call, the 3rd only one ring and they hang up.

  191. jake says:

    im going to c my girlfriend today to hear the message and ill be posting the messeage on facebook if its worth it but this guy needs to stop harrassing people there invading there privacy and there wasting there time and our time and also these people that are doing this are looking forward to a life time in jail they have several identity theft technically harrsassment charges and fraud charges and theres another one but i cant remember the name its where they call and watch people or threaten to do so

    if you want more info ill see posts on here and ill be making a dumby account on face book and ill talk through there and ill be making a info page on face book about this

  192. jake says:

    and the guy left a voice-mail and they were saying her name over and over and over again and they were saying they were watching her in her room and now shes really scared has anyone tried tracking this number with a Bluetooth tracker and if there a cop that can do it because this is not right she was molested when she was younger and now shes terrified

  193. jake says:

    they called my girlfriend and left a message saying that there watching her in her room and now shes scared

  194. Penny in CO says:

    Oops, messed up previous message.
    Add me to the list of people called on this generic Gmail number by a scammer.
    Caller with (probably faked) American accent called me “Grandma”. When I asked who it was, he asked me if I couldn’t recognize my own grandchild’s voice. Of course I couldn’t, so I said “no”, and he hung up.
    I was getting ready to lead him on too, darn it. I love playing all dumb and messing with them.
    Take care everyone. Guard your money and your private information.

  195. Penny in CO says:

    Add me to the list of people called on this generic Gmail number.
    Caller with (probably faxed) American accent called me “Grandma”. When I as=ked who it was he asked me if couldn’t recognize my own grandchild’s voice

  196. newmediamike says:


    That’s the point of the article. When this happened to me a year ago January I searched for information on 760-750-8888 and there was nothing to be found except for others looking for information on the number. So I wrote this article and using my skills as a search marketer was able to get this to the front page of Google where it has stayed for a long time. Now people who have received scam calls can search and find out who is 760-750-8888.

  197. Dillon says:

    Uhm, well the number you are being called from is owned by Google Incorporated and is used from the Gmail service and it’s the number I have on my email account so I don’t understand what’s up with that.

  198. SAM says:

    I just got 2 calls from this number but I did not pick it. The serial number belongs to CA…

    Anyways … be careful!!

  199. TMo says:

    Just got three calls. Sounds like a child in the background which scares me. I have a child and thought it was someone I knew. I am blocking NOW.

  200. AB says:

    Fell for it… I’m so depressed now. I wasted money on thoroughly “protecting” my computer. Defragmenter, Advance systemcare 4.1 and all…

  201. Wendy says:

    I went looking for the origin of this number because I have had a dozen calls from this number in about a half hour … I was away from my desk so all of them went to voice mail, and all of them sounded like someone tapping a pencil on a desk (as one does when waiting impatiently). So now if I see the number come up I will ignore it. Thanks everyone! Oh – what puzzles me is why so many disparate calls come from the same number – anyone have an answer for that one?

  202. stephanie pichardo says:

    they pranked me so hard telling me i won one direction tickets and backstage passes. lies.com and the voice was deepened!

  203. richard menich says:

    The caller is always selling duct cleaning, with a thick Pakistani accent and calling himself by the name of “Christian”. I always agree to have someone come over (just to waste their time for a change). The caller then says, “I see you are on the Do Not Call list.” I book an appointment anyway, again, just to waste their time. They never show.

  204. sunshine says:

    I only answered the call once and it was a heavy breather that likes to use profanity after I hung up I immediately put the number on my auto reject list and since I have visual voicemail it hasn’t annoyed me cuz my phone doesn’t ring or interrupt me when I’m on a call and I can delete the voicemails at the push of a button!  Just thought i would share in case other people didn’t know about these features 🙂

    I have had over 100 calls from this number in the last 3 days, they call constantly i think it really bothers them that I don’t answer and so now their obsessed LOL so i guess the joke is on them hahahaha  I actually find it rather pathetic and sad that whoever is pranking people has such and empty life that this is what they have had to resort to … 
    Take care everyone and good luck!

  205. safety says:

    Just got a call from someone at this number, and he said, “hey” and I said “who is this?” and he said, “you just gave me your number online.” I asked again who it was and he hung up. Reading this blog, I’m kind of creeped out.

  206. Jean says:

    FOUR calls from this number just now.  3 on my house phone, then 1 on my cell!  Nobody said anything.  I asked that they call neither number ever again.  Ha!  We’ve gotten calls from them before, and I expect we will again.

  207. Andrea says:

    We got a message from this number on Friday 8/25 saying…
    “I am calling for Maurice. His been seeing my wife.” 
    Then the guy hung up.  I knew it was a crank call but I was really concerned when I Googled this number and saw just how many people are suffering from this misuse!  I am going to block the number from my phone.  Thank you for the info.  Very helpful! 

  208. Gina says:

    They are now calling local escorts to harass them.

  209. kim says:

    oh my gosh. i just got a call yesterday and it was the same number it said the call was originating from escondido california. this is so scary.. i was guna call it back so i found this website about this number. omg..

  210. Melissa says:

    Oh, and it says it’s from “Escondido (hidden) California”.

  211. Melissa says:

    Received a call just now from this number, but when I picked up, no one answered (that, or just the fact that this is a wifi number I created through an app that is not always so reliable). Good to know that it’s a total scam.

  212. Carol says:

    I just received 3 calls one after the other.  I don’t answer calls from phone numbers I don’t recognize, but after seeing the number on my cells caller id, and checking this site, I decided to answer it the next time it rang, and it did a minute or so later.  Indian call center… male babbling about my website and Google (of which I have a website on Google) and in the middle of his low talking babble, I interjected that I didn’t have that site anymore.  He stopped and paused and sounded confused and said, you aren’t http://www.????.com?  I said, no I hadn’t been for a while.  He didn’t know what to say.. then he said OK.. Thank you and hung up.  Guess he wasn’t expecting that.  I hope that ends the calls.  Play dumb!

  213. Bassi says:

    Forgot too update this what happened was some skinny dark dude came too my house i told him i know its a scam and have the police called he ran so fast and jumped into his car AHAHAA

  214. pam says:

    a call came in inquring about my rental property on VRBO. VAUGE details. needed my email. refused to give it ut. red flags

  215. Ray says:

    Yes, this is the number from google voice for sure. 
    However, there is a chance it’s from one of your friends as well.
    Thanks for this post, and I am glad my friend left me a msg; otherwise, I will think it’s a spam as well.

  216. colin says:

    Got a call this AM from 760-705-8888. Ignored it. VM: “Hey sexy, cum in my mouth, bitch.” Couple that with a text from 401-536-5615 on 7/24/12 at 5:22 AM that contains some more references to fellatio. Juvenile shit.

  217. Maggie says:

    I just started receiving these calls from this number to my cell phone.  It left a voicemail on my Google Talk account and the voice of the man demanded that I “Pick Up!”   Well, no, not going to do so.  Then the number left a number of text messages on my cell to which I responded STOP and then STOP ALL.  Finally, I received 3 more calls from two other numbers, 347-597-8865 and 347-364-9166.  I did not pick up either and am going to investigate to see if they are connected to this  760-705-8888 number.

  218. Kaitlin says:

    I got a call from this number. It was automated. It said that there is a tornado warning for my county. That’s it. Then it said press 1 to repeat. I repeated it, then hung up. Seems like a weird scam to me. I was so confused.

  219. Sean T says:

    I got a call just now, happy I thought to google this number before the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th call.  An Asian man said that I ordered spring rolls and some stuff and that I need to pick it up.  He said it wasn’t nice to leave my food, kinda funny.  Ironic I was eating at an Asian restaurant.

  220. guy says:

    this number just called me saying it was a girl that I dated and she wanted to to know if I was single and free this weekend and if I still worked downtown; all I could do was laugh because she was trying to info from me and I was bir going to give it and she said that she would call again later this week I am glad that this info is here to help 
    be careful out there

  221. JOE says:


  222. Danni says:

    Received a call from this number on my cell….lol in a bad zone so got cut off… called it back to see who it was, lol – can’t call it….thank god i have an Android phone – number blocked part of the phone’s capability….

  223. Bassi says:

    I just got a call from this exact number saying the exact same thing. The rogers “award” he said i will be recieving a ipod and 2 t shirts for being a loyal customer, i sadly fell into this trap and just kept saying yea. He knew my adress and said a delivery man named john is going too drop off the package tommrow and i need too give him a code. I am very worried and dont know what too do now. I did not give any info, but “John” is suppose too come tommrow. We were kinda suspicous so we took his emplyee number and name but thats probally garbage. He claims too be Steve Halden i will comment again with what happens,shit

  224. Stacy says:

    I got a call from this number saying I had won a radio contest. Obviously I haven’t even signed up for one so I hung up. Is there any way to tell who it was?

  225. jason says:

    jack that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. newmediamike says:

    I’m always torn whether or not to mess with them or not. Messing with them usually wins out.

  227. jack says:

    Got a call from this number, he said he was my cousin.  I interrupted him and said he better get back to see his mother because she was wanting to send him about $5000 that he asked for.. and .. where would he like me to tell his mother to send it?  Obviously, this got the guy a little confused, excited, and very frustrated.  He could “taste” the money… but couldn’t tell me where I should tell “auntie” to send it!   LOL…. loved every minute of it!

  228. Dean.Living says:

    I just got cloak from a old friend who I have not heard from him for over 8 months and he left me a voicemail saying he’d call me back from his gf phone later and I was bummed I missed the call and Ofcourse I tried calling it back angoth got nothing at all but it might be a google voice number? I have no idea and I’m trying to get a hold of him at first I thougit ok this is a payohone it was just weird because even in the voice
    Mail he sounded not like
    Himself said he just got out of jail etc I was shocked and confused if you.Could imagine!! 

    So I thought it was payohone but u can set up a google voice account and I wondER if you get a number or
    They just use that generic number  

  229. jason says:

    ok i just got a call and my grandmother picked up and they said grandma and she was like hello and he said grandma and she said u dont sound like my grandson so yeah odd very odd

  230. jmewink says:

    Just received a voicemail from this number on my, ironically, Google Voice account.  I can’t really understand what exactly it means, but I will paste Google’s transcript in here.  Has anyone had this call before?

    Hello. Good afternoon, My name is Kate last, a reference Molly, What day. Hey, Yeah I was contacted. From the number HI hello. Bye B effect you last. Yeah, or you can. Earlier this week. Yeah, just, contacting whoever it was. I think it was boyfriend. Bye bye.  

    What I heard was Hello, good afternoon, my name is CALEN?  Reference # (couldn’t hear)  I was contacted from this number earlier this week, and contacting whoever it was.  I think it was (couldn’t hear)  Bye. 

  231. MadAlchemist87 says:

    This number jus called my cell 3 times in under 30 minutes. I let them go to my voicemail, and when i checked the messages, they were less then flattering. Suffice to say they called my mothers sexuality into question in one and the others were “F**k you!!” followed by distinguishable noises.

  232. meshelsimms says:

    got several calls from this number on personal cell line, decided to google the number as an attempt to find out who was harrassing me since I did not recognize the number.  Thanks for the update.

  233. Pratik says:

    I also got call from 760-705-8888. I did not pick up the call and my wife got call from same number… Who the f*** is this?

  234. newmediamike says:


    Perhaps you can let your family and friends know you are using that number and maybe send them a quick note before calling, so they won’t think it’s a scammer.


  235. jan says:

    i do not have a long distance carrier nor a mobile phone; therefore, i use my gmail for all long distance calls. it is too bad that scams are scaring everyone into not answering their phones as this is the only method i have to make calls out of my local zone. i am very low income and utilize att’s lifeline service which is land line only…no long distance.

  236. john lennon says:

    Same as many other posts. Call came out of the blue on my blackberry, highly abusive and threatening. Foreign accent and seemed to be getting off on being physically threatening. Did not know who I was but was holding me personally responsible for many of the worlds ills. Conclusion: a loonie, albeit a perisient one.

  237. Karen says:

    Got a call from the 760-705-8888 at 10:40 pm, I thought there was an emergency because telemarketers wouldn’t call at this time of night so I answered,  I said hello twice heard a faint hello in the background and the phone was hung up.  I tried to call number back but my call could not be connected. 

  238. Belinda says:

    I just got a phone call from this number from a man with a very thick accent.  He tried to tell me that he was calling from an Italian restaurant and my boss had given him my number and he just needed something.  I couldn’t really understand him but I knew he was lying because I didn’t even have a job.  Tried to tell him he had the wrong number and he said he didn’t and that’s when I just hung up.

  239. steve says:

    I am getting calls from this number from friends who are using their cell phones.  This number shows up on caller ID but I am unable to connect when I answer the phone.  I end up calling back on their known number and there’s no problem.  However, as this is happening more frequesntly, I am not always able to “guess” which friend is trying to reach me.

  240. EWheeler says:

    June 19 8:42am – call from “Christopher Wheeler” asking for my elderly mother, identifying self as cousin: “I’m your cousin, Silly.”  Young man’s voice, background sounds like a call center.

  241. Bill says:

    Thick accented NON CANADIAN called about my HYDRO bill going down , I do not have a HYDRO bill. He had the name of the local HYDRO utility all wrong.

    Last month it was about my GAS bill , before that it was WINDOWS about a VIRUS on my computer , I thanked him for calling as my 286 will not work with WIN 3.0 and I need to upgrade to WIN 3.1 and could he help me 🙂

  242. ME says:

    Same as Patricia

  243. sophie says:

    I let it rang and then went into recording that the calls are being recorded for the police to follow up.

  244. Patricia says:

    I received a call from 760-705-888 a couple of hours ago and like Mandy the caller id indicated Escondido, CA.  There was no response to Hello.

  245. Beverly says:

    Over the past 8 months, I’ve probably had 8 calls from this number…all the same scam.  “Hi, Grandma! I’m in (someplace) with a friend and the car broke down and could you send me some money to get it fixed, so I can get home?”  The details change, but it always begins “Hi, Grandma!”  They seem to be different callers, but some know my name and my grandchildren’s names.  Course that can all be learned on FB.  What an inconvenience!

  246. Chad says:

    Yeah, this number called me earlier today as well, but I didn’t answer. It’s a shame that Google Voice is being taken advantage of in this way as it’s a very awesome service for what it’s intended for. Be careful out there everyone.

  247. Mandy says:

    I just received a call from this number and caller id says its from Escondido CA. I didn’t answer and they didn’t leave a message.

  248. Yvonne says:

    This number keeps calling me with a thick accented man claiming to be “John” but he only briefly mentions that I have won a prize before he goes on to say that he wants to meet me and be my friend. It is VERY creepy, and very close to a call to the police. 

  249. Tessa says:

    Although anyone can call using that number from gmail. I was out of work awhile back & used my gmail account instead of minutes on my phone to make important phone calls & talk to family & friends. The number is legit. Just not all users!!

  250. jullian says:

    just got a call from this number but when i google the number i found all this info on it thank god i hang up bc i didnt trust it

  251. Debbie says:

    OMG….  My phone won’t stop ringing from this number.  I don’t answer, just decline the phone call, and the number calls right back.  I am up to ring number 7 within the last 2 minutes.  URRRRR!!!!!

  252. Eric says:

    They just called my company and a guy asked what company this was. I told him and my first name. He then asked what we do. I asked him who he was. He ignored me and asked our function. I politely said
    “Is this an interrogation or conversation. I identified my company and myself and you refuse to give your name?”
    He laughed and hung up.  I googled the number and found this blog.

  253. jeanette says:

    Well, I just got ‘that’ call, from the 760 number.  There was just silence, and I hung up.  Now I see that it’s a scam number, and I saved it on my phone as such. 

    If it ever happens again, “Scam Number” will pop up and I’ll just ignore it.

    Thanks for this! 

  254. There is a man that was telling me that he grew up in new york and has been in minnesota for the past 26 years he called me from this exact phone number I tried to call it back today and all i got was a fast busy and then tried again dead air, he goes by the name of kevin kelly.

  255. Aaron says:

    Thank you everyone for your posts and comments. I did not answer when I saw the number calling me few minutes ago because no one has the number but people I have given it out to. (I have no bills or past debt, so no bussiness have it, which is why i never answer random numbers). they paged my phone with the numbers (206) which happens to be a area code 45 minutes from me, but still wasnt falling for anything and came online to see all your reports to help out. Though its sooo tempting to call them back and f*ck with them…  🙂 

  256. Nicole Springer says:

    I received a call from this number today..
    I answered because I figured it was a doctors office..
    I said Hello..
    He said, “Hey!”
    I said, Who’s this?
    He said, “Your Grandpa Wayne”, which is scary and sad since he passed away a few years ago, so I thought I misheard him, and asked again, and he said Grandpa Wayne again..
    Stunned..I start to say, I think you have..
    And he says..”I want to fuck your ass”..
    At that point I hung up..
    A minute later he calls back, so my husband answers, so the man on the other line hangs up..and hasn’t called again..
    How does this person know my grandpas name?! Ugh..this was such a weird experience.. 

  257. Dia says:

    I just met a guy with that number, His name is David Houson well that’s what he told me with this number and is email is David_dat22@hotmail.com. When i try to email him it always come back onless his the one emailing me first ?? Weird!!! but he told me his from Floria and live on the lake in Kingsville ontario.

  258. Alana says:

    will you please tell me, if the phone calls from 760-705-8888, are only possible if the person is in the USA?

  259. Sherri says:

    I got a call from this number today as well.  I had emailed over the weekend about a rental I found on Craigslist.   When I googled the phone # that was on the post, that phone # was ALL OVER all kinds of websites on Google, all having to do with rentals/car selling etc.  I got suspicious when I did not hear back after the email asking for my phone #.   Today I got home from work and what do you know, this phone # was on my caller ID and a man with a foreign accent says he is calling me back regarding the rental I inquired about and that he will try later, not leaving a number for me to call back, so definately, there is Craigslist scamming going on with regards to real estate, and this is the phone # that is on the postings to start this whole thing:  909-861-1538, and then I got a call from this 760 number.  Yep, Im realizing now something is definately not right here especially after seeing how many websites the 909 number seems to be associated with, all rentals or someone selling something, and now this.   Im kinda hoping he calls me back, I want to see how far he thinks I will go to rent this property, and if I have to send money somewhere first.  Geez.   Wish I could warn the real owners of these properties!


  260. Monica says:

    So same thing just happened to me about the computer support. But the weird thing on my cell the number cam up as 2. That’s it 2. 

  261. Rady says:

    I myself is from India and I have had nightmarish experience from some of these callers pestering me with some ‘long distance call service’ and other stuff. I requested them more than once to take me off their calling list but they persisted. Finally, I had to change my number and still, I am paying extra money to my phone company to keep my number unlisted. So, please note, it is not just the national origin, but everyone! I wish google stop this free calling service.

  262. JustKimmi says:

    My husband got a call from this number today, but he didn’t get to the phone in time to answer it. They didn’t leave a message, but WOW, it’s unbelievable that they are allowed to do this! I will definitely remember this number…wish i could block it. Too bad my cell phone doesn’t have that option!

  263. Sunny says:

    I just received a call from this number and it was someone screaming at me to give me back their newspaper that I apparently steel from him every morning. The man said he was my neighbor but refused to answer any questions, such as what city he was even in or who he was, “how dare I talk to him that way!” He repeatedly threatened to kick my ass and that he was ‘waiting on me’. I kept hanging up the phone and he kept calling back. I almost called the police until I found out it is a generic number. Google should not be able to have that kind of power

  264. Paul says:

    Got a call from this number and the guy knew my FAcebook name. He said God told him to call me and wanted me to know everything is gonna be alright lol!

  265. Leah says:

    I got a call at 9:35 last night.  The caller ID says ESCIBDIDO California.  I thought I was going to rip some telemarkerts ass for calling so late, but the person the the other line asks for my husband by his name, and i ask how they know him and she  said they met him a a romance thing on craigslist, and want to met with him at a local diner and then asked if i was his daughter and i proceed to them them I am the wife and that i would met them at the diner and they said no you sound like a large woman, and to tell his she she done and they are over, I proceed to tell her that this was the most shitty prank call i have ever got and she hung up on me.  She said her name was Samantha Kryzak

  266. tina says:

    I advertise on craigslist and have noticed there pulling my info from there. Fyi….I answer __ Police Department and the calls always stop!

  267. jennifer says:

    I just posted a real estate listing and within minutes, I got a call from this number. I thought it was odd because it is after 11:00pm and who calls on a real estate listing that late. He asked some very odd questions. The call was weird to me, so I decided to Google. I’m glad I did. Seems this guy probably has a mental illness and collects numbers from craigslist and the sort and makes up different stories. Very strange. Crazy to see so many posts about the same number. Glad you all posted so others will know.

  268. Adrian says:

    Someone just called me from that number.  My husband answered.  They asked for me.  He replied “May I ask who is calling?”  Which, I was always taught is polite.  Then the guy proceeded to curse out my husband telling him that I had apparently put in a job application with them and that unless he was my “pimp” he needed to STFU and put me on the phone.  I don’t know who this guys is, but he better never call me again.

  269. Kathy says:

    WOW!  Thanks for the info! Just received a moronic call from this number, he told me I should turn (into an alternative lifestyle).  Curiosity kicked in, soI talked for a few.  BUT, he knew my name.  That was disturbing, so if what is said here is trur, this guy must know someone who kows me (an ex perhaps) and decided to toy with me. I don’t thik so!  It did not bother me, if I receive another call, I will interrogate him/her for more info and try to report them.  It may/may not work, but I will at least try.

  270. Me says:

    I think the police should be involved… because my mom got called like  10 times and we answered them like 4 times and didn’t answer so I think it was a prank call

  271. The Guru says:

    This guy is actually affiliated with this number 347-727-9566, he is located in bothel,wa. He sells electronic devices and claims he wanted to purchase me laptop. We simultaneously calling me on 760-705-8888 and 347-727-9566, he had a hard accent to hear so I hung up and text him telling him that I knew who he is. Here is his youtube account http://www.youtube.com/jsingh0605 and has been seen selling Iphones on Seattle Craigslist, stop this man from making prank calls!

  272. KW says:

    I get calls from this number, too.  GMAL is in violation of the anti-spoofing and called ID law by allowing many different people to use this number when calling to hide their true identities.
    The FCC enforces the new law, and consumers can file complaints online at this website: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints    It’s simple and quick.   If enough people complain to the FCC about this practice they will take some enforcement action.   Gmail needs to respect people’s privacy.  If Gmail is going to allow spoofing they need to held responsible and liable.

  273. letmewin2 says:

    Just received calls from this number. Could not really understand what he was saying (definitely not English speaking) but I did understand the part that my computer was corrupted, and he wanted to help me fix it. Got as far as sitting in front of my computer, had to keep asking him to repeat himself – he in return kept calling me “ma’am” .  Had enough and just told him I don’t know who are, can’t understand your broken english and just hung up. He did call back, picked up the phone and just hung up. The third call I just let the phone ring, and let the answer machine take the call. It was a hang up!!! SO I guess he finally gave up.

  274. vuong says:

    Holy Fuck,  if i found out who that is, iwill beat his ass. thats just fucking annoying. 

  275. margaret says:

    I just got a phone call from that number and the voice on the other end said, “Grandma?”  When I said “who is this”, he said Mike.  I don’t have a grandson, Mike so I asked what number he was calling and he repeated my home number, but hung up.  Very strange.

  276. Emilia Tokes says:

    Hi – I would like to add in my own input. I got a call today and it was an English speaking lady wanting to speak with my dad, about electricity bills going up 30% or something. I told her that he wasn’t home and I was taking the call for him, so she asked me if i was in charge of the bills, no, I answered, it’s my dad but he’s not home. (hellooo dumb one!) so I hung up.
    I went to look on google, and I am reading a huge variety of stuff. This electricity bill going up is a new one.

  277. newmediamike says:

    Sorry Jim, you must have copied the number wrong. I used GMail to call myself and the number which appeared was 760-705-8888.

  278. Kirsten says:

    Two night ago I got about 10 calls from that number

  279. AE says:

    Got early morning calls from that number with no answer. I guess they are my wake up calls. Note that I am in the US and not in Canada.

  280. K mountain says:

    Whew, some slimy dude called wanting to talk to my daughter….glad it’s a scam and we live thousands miles from Esconido

  281. D Dunbar says:

    The poor fellow who called, “Mike” was arrested, he says, in Toronto coming from a friend’s funeral.  Stopped for a broken tail light, but the cop found some bags of coke (“must have been left by the guys who last rented the car”).  He wanted to keep his situation from his folks and was leading up to a request for bail money, I suspect.  Told him to call his folks or I would.  He hung-up then.

  282. bbclark says:

    This number is from google phone you can use it if you have emial from google

  283. Gregg Ackertt says:

    Telemarketer selling Real Estate services.  Leave me alone.

  284. Lizzy says:

    I was talking on another call and when I hung up I had a message waiting, since they got myvoicemail they hung up but if I press 5 I get the number. I just won’t answer that number calling so thanks for the info. Can they not be reported to the police for the language they use?
    Guess that’s a heck of a problem.

  285. LB says:

    I got a similar call but didn’t answer. I traced it back to the same Jason Essex landline in California. I think this person or group has tried to call before, but it’s obviously not a real business.  If it was, they would leave a message.

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but someone on another post said  that number is assigned to all calls in Canada that go through Google Talk. That seems odd to me, but there have been many complaints about it on the web in regard to caller ID. 

    It seems that scam groups may be going through Canadian Google Talk programs to prevent people from using caller ID, since all the numbers appear the same. 

    Either way, I’d stay away from this number unless you specifically know somebody in Canada that calls you through Google Talk.

  286. JJ says:

    Started getting calls last night at 12:14 am Eastern Time in a Midwest city in the US.  First call sounded like someone breathing and I could hear television announcements for Shark Week the entire time.  Called throughout the night.
    Have a dying family member and am answering all calls -would like to block this number. Got no sleep last night.

  287. D says:

    I received 3 calls in a row. They all had an accent from India. On the second call I told them to get us off their list and he told me that it would cost $20 to do that. I told him “Hell No” and hung up. My boss answered the 3rd call. He was told not to call again but the caller said something obscene so my boss told him to F himself. The caller said “Go to Hell”…..!!! What creeps! I hate overseas calls, first they take our jobs now they are getting verbal.

  288. Nioclette says:

    Yeah i think a lot of people use it to specifically prank. I got the most disgusting voicemail from someone with this number. It was horrible

  289. AINKPEN says:

    I literally just a few minutes ago received a call from this same number and was telling me that my computer was sending out personal info and corrupted files etc. I asked his name and the company he said he was calling from was Canada Computers and his name was Thomas Brown. I figured something was up number one that his name was not real considering the Indian accent he had and even advised him of this, that was when he hung up. Thank you for sharing your stories and I will be sure to pass this on to as many people as well. People have nothing better to do than mess around with other people it seems these days. So frustrating and sad to say the least.

  290. Sam says:

    I keep on getting calls from 760-705-8888. The guy speaks with an Indian accent and tells me his name is Smith. Offers free inspection of heating and cooling system. I am a HVAC technician I told him not to call me and I told him politely. He keeps on calling and if I do not answer the phone he keeps calling non stop. BEWARE of this number.

  291. Jim says:

    Guess I’m not the Lone Ranger.  I’ve been getting calls from this number for months.  Each time the caller asks for a Mr. Wilkinson.  I tell them which way to head out and hang up.  I have traced the phone number to a landline number for a “Jason Essex, 1041 Market Street #117, San Diego, CA 92101”.  Actually it’s an Escondido, CA area code.

    I have never engaged in a conversation with these African morons since they always – for more than 20 calls now – ask for a Mr. Wilkinson.  Have received up to 3 calls a day from this bunch who obviously don’t understand English.

  292. Synnimyn says:

    I just received not one, or two, but three calls from this number telling me that my computer was sending out personal info.  They did not have my computer IP but were very convincing about walking me through and *helping me find the virus*… thank goodness I knew enough about my computer to not let them *scan it for free*!!!

  293. doc says:

    just got the call too, my ex’s new dick. funny shit.

  294. yvette says:

    holy shit!  me too like freakin 6 times in a row right after my work phone.  WTF!

  295. Turbosikh says:

    Hi Mike,

    Just got a call from the same number 760-705-8888. The guy calls up and tells me that he wants to put me on a specialized program with 90% discounts on Dish Networks. The first time, i politely refused and asked him to put me on the “do not call list”. He wasn’t sure what that was – at which point of time – I hung up.

    The second time round, the same guy calls up and in an aggressive tone asks to why I hung up on him. I told him I was not interested in his service and hung up again. The third time, the same number rang – and this time – I shouted at him with abusive curse words – mother, father, sister, daughter and anything that was remotely connected to four letter words in Punjabi and Hindi. The guy understood and has not called since (at least not as yet in the last 3 months).

    The caller is from a call center in Pakistan or in the northern part of India – trying to sell you stuff in order to get your credit card number. It would be a good idea to be cautious and pass this around to all you know who are getting similar crank calls.

  296. sandybanman says:

    i ive in canada…my adult son iz missin 4.. 2 weekz now….somthin happened..even the police have put the story on tv media releases..searchez everywhere across canada n the states…i got the most disturbing phonecall ever…from 760 7058888…sounded like a seriously bad connection..could only make out my name n that the caller waz askin 4 help…needless 2 say..i waz extemely distressed…severely..tatized even..az this caller seemed so0o0o upset n hung up eventually before i could determine if it waz my child….it waz a possible “prank call”…i would like 2 know az much info az possible az u can only imagine…..thankzzzzzzz 

  297. Matheen Ahmed says:

    Thank you..! me too received this Prank call…!!!

  298. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I have had this same number call me over and over, and I don’t pick up. Now I know definately not to. I’ll share this with my friends as well if they receive a phone call such as this. Thanks again.

  299. Mike,
    Thank you so much for this write up. I have experienced the same thing and am now the more educated from your write up. I’ll be keeping an eye out.

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