The longest day of the year

The longest day of the year

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New Years Eve is to me the longest day of the year.

364 days of the year I can stay up till 12, 1 am, 2 am, even 3 am with no problem.  But come the ONE night when we are expected to stay up until midnight and my eyes get heavy around 9.  By 10:30 I’m a quivering yawning mess. As the midnight hour approaches I’m usually catnapping and on a couple of occasions have had to be woken at 11:58 or else I would have slept through the “event”.

I’m not sure why this happens every year. Is it because we get to knock off work at noon and I have all that time to kill? Why do we shut down at noon on New Years Eve anyway? I can understand Christmas Eve and being with family. But NYE? We need 12 hours to get ready for a party?

Well this year I’m not at the office on NYE, instead I stayed home (see my last post about my back issues) hopefully I won’t fall asleep before midnight.

If I don’t see you on Twitter or Facebook I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year.

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